From the Chappaqua Moms Facebook page, two polls on grocery-retail at Chappaqua Crossing

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March 8, 2013

Editor’s Note: Two invitations to comment on Chappaqua Crossing as a grocery and retail center appeared on Facebook this past week.  One asked: Who thinks Chappaqua needs another retail district to be located at Chappaqua Crossing complete with a bank, nail salon, fast food restaurant, Dunkin Donuts etc as well as a big mainstream supermarket complete with pharmacy, bakery, flowers and everything else typical inside of a big supermarket? 

A second asked:  Are you in favor of a grocery store in Chappaqua Crossing? This second drew many more responses.  The results of both follow (with names removed, unless a public official, as in the case of Town Administrator Penelle Paderewski, who is a member of the page and sometimes responds to questions posed there):

Survey One

Who thinks Chappaqua needs another retail district to be located at Chappaqua Crossing complete with a bank, nail salon, fast food restaurant, Dunkin Donuts etc as well as a big mainstream supermarket complete with pharmacy, bakery, flowers and everything else typical inside of a big supermarket.

No way +19
Not sure +1

You left off Radio Shack

I do love the idea of, what the British call, a “Leisure Centre”.(Community swimming, gym, tennis…. even parties!) Isn’t it true that Eastchester took a bankrupt golf course, bought it and made membership available to any resident at a reasonable price? When searching for houses in Westchester, that was very appealing to me. (I believe it is called Lake Isle…)

I haven’t kept up. Tell me you are exaggerating!

Unfortunately, I’m just going based on the information provided by Summit Greenfield about the types of merchants they will have along with a big supermarket.

Tell us again the total square feet. It’ll be visible from space.

Would be great to see other wellness businesses since they already have WeeZee and NWHC has a cooking kitchen and there is a gym there as well. Maybe TRADER JOE, perhaps other businesses and services that will support the health and wellness of the community.

Why does not Whole Foods have any interest?

Here’s an article that gives the developer’s description of the type of stores that will be Chappaqua Crossing. Turns out fast food is not permitted but chains like Chipolte and Five Guys are what we can expect. And if Petco and Staples aren’t considered big box, at least one of the Planning Board members recognized that they are category killers. As Tom Curley said, “once this is built, there’s no going back.” All to save the maybe 4 minute longer drive to Mrs. Green’s.

Survey Two

Are you in favor of a grocery store in Chappaqua Crossing?

Yes +52
No +20
Only if it’s “gourmet” +10

Great idea [having a survey].

Ok, if stupid Walgreens is coming, then close Rite Aid and put a gourmet upscale grocer in that spot. Or let Walgreens fail and put a nice grocery there.

Not trying to start a debate, cause I “get” both sides, just trying to see how this issue would fare if put to a vote.

Absolutely—it’s good to know what people think. The town board hears from the same handful of people and seems to move accordingly. As we saw after hurricane sandy, the voices from this board of 1900+ are heard.

It’s not just a supermarket that will be in Chappaqua Crossing but a whole retail complex. Sounds good unless you think it will devastate our downtown.

We have a huge grocery store and a target and a petco and two cvs’ (cvii?) a short drive away! How ‘bout a bubbled pool, rink and bubbled tennis courts and a nice AstroTurf field at chap crossing? Diffuse traffic, a pool for the long suffering always schlepping greeley swim teams and the rink would always be busy! Like that will happen. Then people would wander downtown to eat and shop…

brilliant, as ever.

and roller skating rink too

I think many of your yes votes would be no votes if the grocery you get is a grocery that already exists less than a 10 minute drive away. And while I may be naive, I don’t think the reason that some of the grocers people are pining for haven’t shownup in town is due to the incompetence of the local landlords or the town board. Even the grocery stores that currently exist in Chapp and surrounding towns are in high traffic areas, quite often close to major highways. Before you get completely negative on Walgreens, the availability of a 24 hour store that stocks a huge variety of drug store items isn’t the absolute worst concept from my perspective. If its not TJ’s at either location, I am a no.

I’m a squeaky wheel about Adams but it’s leaps and bounds above any of the other suggestions I’ve seen. They have beautiful nurseries, chocolate and gift shops, cheese shop, and they are a local family-owned business that supports local farmers and artsans. Plus they carry the most delightful European gourmet food items on the shelf along regular standbys. It would nice if we could start a petition for Adams if we must have a grocery store:

There is a 24 hr CVS in Mt Kisco, a Rite Aid in town, a Walgreens in Thornwood. How many pharmacies in a 5 mi radius do we need? I feel the same way about Shop Rite, A&P and all the other run of the mill big box mega chain grocery stores that we have. None of these options offer quality and variety of organic or local unprocessed foods. Where is the cheese, artisanal bread and cured meats or olives? Where’s the meat not processed in huge factory farms? Whole Foods isn’t cheap or perfect but it is certainly more convenient than waiting for the farmer’s market once a week. My vote is for none of the options currently being debated.

I would love to have a grocery store ... but NOT A&P or Shop Rite….. craving for Whole Foods and/or Trader Joe’s ... are these considered gourmet? Well then my vote should have been “only if gourmet”

Chuck Napoli is proposing for downtown Chappaqua a market with lots of vendors selling their own artisanal products. Like an indoor European farmers market open all week long.

The only way to get a grocery store interested is to go to their management and start making a case—{Name}, do u have good contact at Adams, for example? Even a certain ex-president remarked to me about short-sighted landlords in this town (pointing NO fingers) who take the tenant making the best offer, fairly enough., without considering what the town needs/wants. We can make wish lists, but u have to get someone who is convinced their model works in this population density and it’s more diffuse than u think.

Agree with above. I spoke with DeCicco himself - {relatives of mine} have known him for years- when we were looking for dags new potential tenants. He wanted the place. He put in a bid there. The problem is that a shoprite and Walgreens can always win these bids- and then sit for months- no, years!- paying the rent, reserving the right to eventually build. It’s terrible. How can a small market compete?

I would only shop at a store like Whole Foods, we try to stay organic

I went to DeCicco’s in Ardsley. It was very nice.

I have to find the contact person/owner here. Then I could make a better connection with Adams. I’ve contacted Adams but it’s moot if I keep throwing it out there without a way for them to make a connection.

How is it, that Trader Joe’s can work in a small town like Larchmont, but not Chappaqua?

or Eastchester?

Eastcheter has a smaller parking lot than Larchmont which isn’t even all that big !

The problem, as it was explained to me by a commercial realtor, is that they use population density to determine where to open, and they include the reservoir in our “area,” so it looks, to corporate who don’t know the area, like we have very low pop. density and therefore it wouldn’t make sense to open. Not sure how to convey the falsity!

I just emailed Walgreens telling them, as politely as possible, not to come to Chappaqua. I think I have to send a hard copy to corporate.

Another drugstore is so not necessary, why compete with existing stores so close by? As for A&P, yes it serves its purpose, but I personally do not shop there. I go to Trader Joe’s, Mrs Greens and Whole Foods. We need a quality food store where I don’t need to scrutinize all of the ingredients on every item I pick up. I don’t have that kinda time!

The population density in lower Westchester is much greater than it is in upper Westchester. There are large numbers of older houses in those towns that sit on lots that are much less than a 1/4 acre. Zoning is completely different.

I want to give a plug for Fresh Direct - I absolutely love them! The produce, groceries, meat, seafood, etc. are amazing. I know it’s not bricks and mortar and it requires some planning and setup, but it’s a great alternative and I’ve found most everything to be of very high quality and if it wasn’t, they are very receptive to credits, etc. Good customer service! They are selling in-season black truffles right now if you can believe it! I don’t like the idea of the Walgreens, though I do dislike the Rite Aid (everything costs so much more than Target and other stores), so hopefully Walgreens will drive the prices down. Chappaqua Crossing grocery store? Only if something special - def. don’t want to see a strip mall there. Love the idea floated above of the ice rink, sports complex, etc. Why don’t we have a town pool/sports facility or something like Katonah or Scarsdale? It could tie in with WeeZee somehow and be this great family destination. Would love to see downtown thrive as the main business district (also love the Napoli european market idea) and CC as some sort of fun family destination.

Think of all the people who would drop their kids for tennis swimming or skating lessons and then nip downtown for a bite and some shopping! Wonder if sport time has ever looked at the property?

Why can’t they build a small residential complex and then sell off a parcel to a recreational developer for a sports complex? I know this is moot but having a town/school pool and courts and a rink here instead of just in Katonah or elmsford would be beyond awesome…I think it would be a huge draw to the town for young families.

- amazing idea…Westport did a great job with their club-like Longshore!

How can we get Fairway to come there??????

So Walgreens is most likely a done deal, but…if some people like Emily and Miriam want to mobilize to influence the future of Chappaqua Crossing, you should find out who to talk to at Summit before it’s too late to get alternate ideas on the table. {Name} or Penny [Paderewski, Town Administrator] who is the best contact? I met the nicest guy from Summit. It’s easy to think of them as this evil corporate monolith, but they are just business men and women trying to do the best they can for their company. I have to believe they’d listen to other ideas. (Wish I had time to take it on, but I’m full-up on projects!)

Summit + Nice = Oxymoron. Let us not forget lawsuits, etc…

we love Fresh Direct! much cheaper organic stuff than Mrs Green’s

Out of necessity, don’t you think (not to defend the “Man”)? When I toured it the other day, they reminded me that Readers Digest has been gone for eight years. Would u want a piece of property sitting half-idle for that long?

This is isn’t personal, it’s business. {Name}, the person we met with is David Walsh, the Director of Asset Development and manager of the Chappaqua Crossing Property. I agree, he was very nice as have been the others at SG I’ve met. (Same goes for Conifer.) But back to this being business and not personal, just because you may like someone doesn’t mean you have to support their project. (The opposite is true too, just because you don’t like someone, it doesn’t mean their ideas are bad.) Me, I think the retail plan (it’s NOT just a supermarket at Chappaqua Crossing) is awful. If the projections are true that the Shoprite/Stop & Shop type store they put in won’t be profitable, that’ll be a shame but only a far second to the impact it will have on our downtown hamlet. That’s my opinion anyway

My point was that maybe they’d listen to a third idea. I’m very against the retail development as u know.

I know {Name}. And that would be great. I had a nice long conversation with their PR guy, Geoff Thompson and at that time, they weren’t open to other ideas but ... He did tell me that they had held open meetings with the the Readers Digest neighbors back in the day and they were treated with contempt and hostility. But hey, you never know, a phone call or meeting could have a totally different outcome.

I agree with the pool idea!!! Greely swim team desperately needs practice space. Also, if the pool area is large enough it could be rented out to local swim teams for large meets and actually generate money for our town in the same way that Felix Festa Middle School does in West Nyack.

I like the pool idea but I also wonder if the town needs another property to maintain. Maybe we need to think about seven bridges and putting the pool there - and potentially moving the middle school back to Bell now that population numbers are down. One less principle, assistant principle, etc. would save tax dollars…

I just google-mapped the drive from Chappaqua Crossing to Mrs. Green’s and it says in normal traffic, it’s only a 3 minute drive.

I’m going to share my (likely unpopular) truth here….if it is convenient to me, I will shop there. As I drive on to the CC campus every evening, I would definitely buy groceries at a store there, even if it was “Satan’s Own Grocery Superstore”. Would I love a “Grace’s Marketplace, Citarella, Gourmet Garage, Agata and Valentina-like” shop in town? Absolutely! But realistically I could only shop at one regularly if it was open until 9pm, and it still wouldn’t get all of my grocery business, because I’ve still gotta get our Cheez Whiz somewhere!!

Agree, esp for working moms, I get it and I’m sure I’ll end up there, too, bitching and moaning the whole time. Hmm…is it too late to trademark Satan’s Own?

Just tried Fresh Direct for the first time last weekend, they were great. was a little skeptical about veggies and fruits but the produce was excellent. so convenient

Of course once it’s there, let’s hope that we’ll shop there but before it’s approved the question is whether it’s worth the likely negative impact it will have on our town. Traffic, decimation of downtown etc. If I remember, SG is estimating the increase in taxes to be at most $60k which won’t even pay for the cop who has to stand at the intersection directing traffic. Meanwhile, you will be able to buy your Cheez Whiz at Walgreens which will be even closer to your home and will have the same or even better hours.

I’m totally with you {Name} and…LOL…I can affirm that Cheez Whiz is not sold at Walgreens (at least not the one in Thornwood)!

Well, there’s always Amazon for Cheez Whiz. No shipping charge with Prime!

AAAAh, a common mistake: Easy Cheese vs. Cheez Whiz (which is sadly, not Prime-eligible!)....and, apologies to all, for goofily derailing this important zoning and development debate…

at least the cheez whiz v easy cheese debate has a chance at resolution….

Would love a whole foods.

This is so much more interesting than my “hose or no hose” post


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Good lord, I really hope we don’t make this decision or even base the discussion on a FaceBook page (or one lifted/copied here). Is there a more biased group than a self selected FaceBook group of local moms with time enough on their hands to post on FB?

Is this really the direction New Castle Now is heading, articles on FaceBook polls?

By Huh? Really? on 03/08/2013 at 6:32 am

I’m sorry but survey two should be completetely ignored as it’s a hypothetical.  We are not talking about only a supermarket @ Chappaqua Crossing.  NO ONE is proposing only a supermarket @ Chappaqua Crossing.  If that hypothetical was true - especially a high end supermarket - I have no doubt that many people would support this project - I might even support it. 

But, what we are talking about is EXACTLY what’s reflected in survey # 1.  You can debate whether it’s a strip mall based on the configuration but make no mistake about it…... unless residents fully understand what is being proposed, and what our Town Board is pushing through, will will soon have a “a bank, nail salon, fast food restaurant, Dunkin Donuts etc as well as a big mainstream supermarket complete with pharmacy, bakery, flowers and everything else typical inside of a big supermarket.”

One last point, my prediction is that many people will attack my post using fake names, and throw out names of prospective businesses that residents might welcome. It’s nonsense.  None of these prospective businesses have shown interest, and residents have absolutely no control over who the landlord will rent to now, nor in the future.

I have been fighting this battle against a handful of people using multiple fake names.  To date, no one using a real name has supported the project which is being proposed.  It’s ridiculous that people who have a vested interest in this project, and who VERY likely do not live in our community, can hide behind fake names.

Do not be fooled by hypotheticals, and pipe dreams.  Demand that people use real names.  Lets focus on real facts & the reality we will soon face.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/08/2013 at 6:38 am

Did you ask permission from any of the people who posted on this board if you could use their comments? Seems to me like a breach of privacy, or at the very least, poor journalism.
Might I suggest that rather than taking from a private facebook group, you conduct your own polls?

By K Lo on 03/08/2013 at 7:45 am

Would love a Whole Foods or similar.  Or, included in whatever else appears, a green grocer type store as per the small one in Armonk and the one in Mt. Kisco, preferably with large supply of organic produce.

By e stone on 03/08/2013 at 8:13 am

This is interesting.  All the comments on this site and others are interesting are as well.  It sure would be wonderful if the Town Board showed an interest in what the town’s people who elected them think and want BEFORE they make decisions for us.  That is what they were elected to do.  What they are doing to our town is wrong and they need to be stopped.

By Bob on 03/08/2013 at 8:24 am you are supposed to be a member of the media.  Our local voice.  You are supposed to interview people.  Pose thought provoking questions.  Get answers.  Research.  Dig deep.  But what you did was steal.  Posting comments from Facebook Moms was the equivalent of mail fraud.  If I send a note to friends, I am assuming that only my friends will read it.  Have you never worked at a real news organization?  At real news organizations you can’t just use other peoples words and images even if you do so on an anonymous basis.  You must get permission.  So you know for future articles, it’s called a waiver and it must be signed by everyone that has agreed to participate. It actually protects both parties. I understand that you don’t have a large staff and that many volunteer their time.  With that said, if you are going to participate in a journalistic site you must behave like a true journalist. And that includes integrity and pride.

By Journalist on 03/08/2013 at 8:53 am

While I don’t think it was right to post the comments from a private FB group on this public site, I do wish the elected town officials cared enough about the thoughts and opinions of the residents to sign up to be on the Chappaqua Moms page.

By Robin Murphy on 03/08/2013 at 9:14 am

Ignore survey 2. Wy because you don’t like the result? I voted yes and would have even if question was more detailed. We need change in chappaqua- you can’t be against everything proposed at chappaqua crossing without losing all credibility ( I currently discount all your comments, rob)

By Concerned about chappaqua on 03/08/2013 at 9:26 am

I think the propsal is very interesting.  My husband was a member of the planning board for 9 years and I heard a lot about developing the commercial part of Chappqua from him. Because of the terraine, downtown Chappaqua is almost impossible to develope further.  You have railroad tracks and wet lands due to the river on one side and hills on the other encasing the village. The proposal design that Chappaqua Crossing has presented looks very well thought out.  Remember, something IS going to be developed on that property, and we DO need a grocery store unless sthe town would rather have an IKEA or some other big box store or factory.  I an in favor of the plan.

By Joan Lang on 03/08/2013 at 10:05 am

As a chappaqua mom who was banned from the Chappaqua Moms Facebook page for unknown reasons, I can assure you that the Chappaqua Moms Facebook page is in no way representative of the views of moms in this town.

I also have questions as to why New Castle Now would waste their time posting this. It is not journalism! Its as silly as Fox News posting what people are saying on Twitter!

By Susan Rubin on 03/08/2013 at 10:09 am

Kudos to Robin Murphy for using her real name, once again.  At least on Chappaqua Moms people use their real names, and are willing to stand behind what they write.  You don’t need to wonder whether they have the best interests of OUR community in mind, and whether they even live in OUR community.  If “Concerned about Chappaqua uses his/her real name”, I will happily respond to his/her post.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/08/2013 at 10:13 am

To Concerned about Chappaqua,

Did you vote on the “Survey One” too? 

One thing I really like about the Chappaqua Moms page is nobody is anonymous.  If you are comfortable with your comments on that page, why are you (and others) not so here?  And while Rob Greenstein and I do not agree on many things, I don’t think his opinions should be discounted any more than anybody else’s who signs their names.  It’s the anonymous ones that aren’t nearly as meaningful.  To me anyway.

By Robin Murphy on 03/08/2013 at 10:42 am

I honestly am of two minds about the commercial development of Chappaqua Crossing.  It is obvious that if the town can get an expansion of its commercial basis, it would be beneficial to the community from a tax perspective.  But our options for commercial development are almost non-existent.  CC is one of the few sites available.  It is also clear that the site has to be developed in some way.  I know the housing was approved to a degree.  But there is more potential with the site and the existing buildings that somewhere along will be developed. We can’t keep shutting the door on proposals because it just won’t stand up to repeat challenges from the developer.  But, it seems to me that the best fit for this community would be commercial development in a non-big box way.  And so I ask: is it true that there is no way to effectively control what commercial goes in there other than limiting the square footage of each business?  If there other possible controls, can someone summarize them for me?  If this has already been laid out elsewhere, i apologize for asking again.

By Resident on 03/08/2013 at 11:19 am

I’m not opposed to development at Chappaqua Crossing. I think the argument that it would create a “third hamlet” is silly because there are already ARE more hamlets—they are called Pleasantville, Mt Kisco, Briarcliff, etc. (the places that are not Chappaqua that we drive to to do our shopping.) Let’s expand our tax base and provide more services to the people of Chappaqua and the surrounding community. This has turned into a NIMBY issue.

By Regan Cafiso on 03/08/2013 at 11:28 am

Ms. Lang, do you think it would be a good idea to move Town Hall & the police station to Chappaqua Crossing, and have a supermarket with some affordable housing @ the Town Hall location?  This would add critical mass to downtown Chappaqua, solve the supermarket problem and provide a mix of market rate and affordable housing critical to the success of downtowns.  Also, do you think our current master plan should be updated BEFORE we move ahead with this project.  BTW, thanks for using your real name.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/08/2013 at 11:31 am

“It’s the anonymous ones that aren’t nearly as meaningful.  To me anyway.”
To: Robin Murphy…very well said !
(Hope you don’t mind that I didn’t ask for a waiver before I used your quote.)To the people that think that what they post on Facebook is “private”, you should open a newspaper or watch the news.You are mistaken. For example, colleges and employers use Facebook as a tool to inquire about perspective students or employees. So far as the readers of NewCastleNow who are criticizing the reporters journalism, you prove that “no good deed goes unpunished.I for one say thank you to NewCastleNow for keeping us informed.

By Marc Harris on 03/08/2013 at 11:45 am

No problem, Marc Harris.  Truth is, I’m comfortable being quoted on the sentiments I post on Facebook, NCN or anywhere on the internet, but I have learned to write with that in mind.  (Or else I delete promptly smile

By Robin Murphy on 03/08/2013 at 1:37 pm


You have come out in support for the Napoli plan.

Your current posting takes us back to village development even though the point of discussion here is the CC application. You still bring it back to village development—turning town hall and the police dept. into a supermarket and affordable housing.  That is obviously a back door approach to the Napoli development. 

It is obvious that you are lobbying for the Napoli application as was clearly evident at the town board meeting when Mr. Napoli gave a perfunctory presentation and you attacked Susan Carpenter and the board for not giving him the go ahead even though he had just voiced his idea and given a spare outline that could in no way represent a formal application.

I do agree with you that the master plan should precede consideration of both projects.  But please don’t try to disguise your true intent to push through the Napoli project every time you think you see an opportunity.

At this point, I am neutral about CC since there have been so many differing views on exactly what they are going to do there.

As for “solving” the “supermarket problem,” I don’t see where there is one. Agree with others who have clearly listed all the supermarkets that surround us including Mrs. Greens for organic, health and vegan foods, in Mt. Kisco, which people seem to overlook, as well as the Shoprites both north and south and the A&P east and west and even Target has added foods to their inventory. And that is not to mention all the chain and private pharmacies.  We also have gourmet and other food stores, bagelries, delis, restaurants in all price ranges from hamburgers to fine dining and everything in-between.  You can even buy a chandelier at Ideal, tires or an auto and it’s repair.  It amazes me that some blithely carry on as if all of this does not exist in our immediate environs.

Still, I wish you well.  May I respectfully request that you be forthright about your advocacy for the Napoli project?
Thank you.

By To Rob with good intentions on 03/09/2013 at 12:14 am

To “good intentions”—

I’ve been paying attention to both the Chappaqua Crossing and Napoli plans.  And I’ve been paying attention to Rob’s view of both.  I would say that a switch of properties—town hall at Chappaqua Crossing and, in place of town hall, a grocery and housing—would actually NOT be what you call a “back door” to the Napoli plan.  Napoli would most likely view such development at town hall as harmful to his Bell field-centered plan.  Not to say that both couldn’t happen (development of town hall property and Napoli plan), but Napoli would view it as a competing development. 

In my view, downtown Chappaqua is a separate question from development at Chappaqua Crossing. And whatever happens at Chappaqua Crossing, downtown Chappaqua should be the town board’s focus.  The downtown simply isn’t attractive enough to draw enough shoppers to make it really thrive. 

The only cure is to invite MORE retail and MORE residential into the downtown.  Don’t ask me where—whether at town hall or at Bell field—either will do.  Both would do. And if that can be done (that is, really make the hamlet desirable) then what happens at Chappaqua Crossing doesn’t matter that much. But without fixing our downtown, what happens at Chappaqua Crossing matters very much.

There is supposedly a review of the master plan coming soon. The town needs to ask itself 1. whether it wants a real downtown hamlet that does more than just scrape along because it happens to have a train station and parking and a ton of “personal services” (nails and hair), and 2. whether it really wants a regional shopping center with chain and big-box retail at Chappaqua Crossing. CONTINUED…(I hope - see next post?)

By Downtown should be the focus on 03/09/2013 at 8:28 am


Chappaqua Crossing has the power to make the downtown even more marginal to residents’ economic life, but mainly because the downtown is already marginal.  If the town board intends to elevate the fortunes of Summit Greenfield by blessing its retail proposal without seeking a serious way to transform the downtown into a viable operation (whether Napoli’s plan or some other), then New Castle will become a plain, ordinary regional shopping center with a vestigal, so-called town village.  Ugh.

By Downtown should be the focus PART 2 on 03/09/2013 at 8:34 am

To focus shd be downtown:  I agree. And I’ve heard the arguments by the town - excuses, really: we’re helpless, the landlords are concerned only with getting all the rent they can, we can’t keep nail salons out, etc. etc.  Hah.

Since the town blithely spent funds on so-called planners like Volmer, Pouder and PPS (and then another bit of PPS for Millwood, just before the last election) the game has changed. We now have serious economic issues—and there’s no real planning taking place. We’re just grabbing at some easy money from a retrograde model of a shopping center (that is a strip mall, yes) proposed by the developer of Chappaqua Crossing. Fast, easy money that changes the town and the neighborhood around Greeley fundamentally.  And, by the way, all this with no plan whatsoever for the rest of Chappaqua Crossing’s hundreds of thousands of feet of empty office space between the future grocery and the little part that’s already rented. 

Where’s the effort to sell Chappaqua Crossing to the business world? Town govt pleads helplessness there, too.  Have they ever reached out to county powers? Or to residents here who have more business experience and acumen than five town board members? 

There’s no place for the old kind of governance now, the governance that had nothing to do but collect taxes and keep up the bond rating.  Times are completely different.  I sincerely hope that the master plan review will turn up residents who understand the town’s problems and step up to help.

By The town needs help on 03/09/2013 at 8:45 am

Let’s invite the school board’s finance committee of citizens to take a look at the whole town now.  They already know the school part of things (a bigger part than the town part), so let’s capitalize on their experience.  Do we know who they are?  Get them on the horn!

By finance committee where are u? on 03/09/2013 at 8:48 am

I could not agree more with “the town needs help”.  I’d love to see this as an article in NewCastleNOW as the writer really hit the nail on the head.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/09/2013 at 10:45 am

To “The town needs help”:

You are so obvious!

By To Rob with good intentions on 03/09/2013 at 11:09 am

Why would we want our town hall and police buried on the Chappaqua Crossing campus instead of right in town? 

Availability and presence?!

By Don't understand why on 03/09/2013 at 11:41 am

1. The police and town hall are located practically on the boarder of Pville.  How’s that central?  Reader’s Digest is probably more central to the two halves of town (east/west) than its downtown headquarters. As to availability and presence, the police force is a fixed number of cars on patrol around town at all times. They don’t sit at town hall and respond from there.  They’re on the road all around the town, east side and west side too.

2. Let’s measure what the biggest draws are to the downtown. Let’s count.  I bet you that town hall is not a big one.  Library? Yes.  Starbucks? Yes. Drugstore? Not for long, once Walgreen’s comes. It would be very smart to replace town hall and police with residential (90% market rate, 10% affordable) and retail. And it would be super-smart to fill in the empty rec field with a row of shops along that side of S. Greeley and make field space instead at Chappaqua Crossing or, in Napoli’s plan, a new usable Bell field.

By Police HQ and Town Hall are practically in Pville on 03/09/2013 at 4:05 pm

@ “Police HQ and Town hall are. . . “

You really must be desperate.  Greeley Ave. is in Pleasantville?  What are you smoking?!

Have you been to the police station lately?  There are plenty of personnel on the premises including detectives.  They belong in Town as a presence and for all kinds of availability. Since when is a TOWN Hall not in town? Town hall business, meetings, courthouse, belong IN TOWN.

By your reckoning, the Chapp. Crossing campus is practically in Mt. Kisco! And it is on the same eastern line as its present location.  So much for centrality between east and west.

Leave our Town Hall, Police Station, Courthouse, alone!

Some people will do anything to make a buck!

Stop this Napoli rampage!

By Are you kidding?! on 03/09/2013 at 6:41 pm

The current shops are not making it now.  You want to add to our dilemma?  “A row of shops” in Chappaqua will no doubt draw crowds from White Plains or maybe even NYC.

Come and shop in our current stores, then talk of adding competition.

By Would be funny if it weren't tragic on 03/09/2013 at 6:50 pm

This is a great discussion.  It’s the exact discussion the town should be having.  Let’s talk about SOME retail at Chappaqua Crossing, let’s talk about the Napoli plan, let’s talk about moving Town Hall & the police station.  This is the comprehensive approach Town Hall should be taking.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/09/2013 at 11:05 pm

To “Come and shop in our current stores, then talk of adding competition”—

Someone is steering you wrong.  No amount of scolding, cajoling or deal-offering will bring enough people into your downtown unless it is a better downtown.  More retail, more housing = better downtown = more residents (and outsiders) coming in.  I can’t tell what u mean by ” “A row of shops” in Chappaqua will no doubt draw crowds from White Plains or maybe even NYC.”  Is that, like, you joking? I can’t tell.  Do you mean you think that would or would not happen and that it would be good or bad?

Look, the FAcebook moms page is full of recommendations to each other for businesses and services some of which are here, but many many of which are all over the county and NYC. These moms are consumers first, locals second - like everyone else.

Just because merchants work really hard to offer goods they think residents will want (or that they want residents to want), it doesn’t mean that that’s what resident want.  The dollars, by car or by internet, go where they want, to the stuff people want.  If those dollars are not coming to you, it’s not the fault of consumers, but of merchants and the downtown as it exists currently.

By Don't blame or beg consumers on 03/10/2013 at 9:32 am

To Rob Greenstein’s “SOME retail at Chappaqua Crossing” - I’m not sure how that would affect the downtown and the whole-town. But there’s no indication so far that any board members are considering “SOME” instead of ALL that’s being proposed. 

I get the concept that a BIG shopping center at Chappaqua Crossing has to be BIG enough to be magnet enough to get customers enough to support it.  Just like the downtown has to be GOOD enough + BIG enough to be magnet enough to get customers enough to support IT.

Both Chappaqua Crossing and the downtown have to be big enough (more retail and residential - not all affordable. That doesn’t help).  But the downtown has a harder job.  The downtown has to be GOOD enough too.  Chappaqua Crossing only has to be BIG enough.  Like the 5-Guys or Petsmart.  And getting big-enough is easier than getting good-enough.  The town board will do the easier thing - let the developer do big-enough and say it’s beyond their power to make the downtown good-enough.

By Big v. Good on 03/10/2013 at 9:41 am

To Are You Kidding:

You write:

“There are plenty of [police] personnel on the premises including detectives.  They belong in Town as a presence and for all kinds of availability. Since when is a TOWN Hall not in town? Town hall business, meetings, courthouse, belong IN TOWN.”

Are YOU kidding? Just because the offices of the police dept happen to be downtown now, there are a lot of them there, and that’s reason to keep them there?  What “presence” and “for all kinds of availability”?  They patrol in cars all around town at all times. And detective work can be done from anywhere.  They have cars too if they need to visit the scene of a crime or call on witnesses or make arrests, etc.  How does being downtown help them or us?

Town hall meetings?  Who does that bring to town? NOBODY. Courthouse?  Have you ever been?  Unhappy out of towners paying speeding tickets, obliged to sit there. And during the day? Seniors without internet come to pay taxes or a water bill.  Younger residents come to pick up parking passes once a year.  There is no reason town hall functions cannot be located at Chappaqua Crossing in order to free up downtown land for better uses that would MAKE THE TOWN BETTER.  Nothing else will.

(Hey, I’m not saying “town hall at Chappaqua Crossing and no grocery” - I’m addressing the foolishness of continuing to take up valuable downtown space with a town hall. And we would make the switch by selling the town hall property to a developer and use the money to rent space (they’ve got plenty) at Chappaqua crossing. 

And I’m not saying “do the Napoli plan"either. I’m sure he would rather not have town hall developed.  But I happen to think both could be developed - town hall and bell field)

By Who has to have police downtown? on 03/10/2013 at 10:39 am

To “Who. . . “:

That is the question-Who?  This Napoli campaign is relentless.
The bell field reference is a dead giveaway.

By Are you kidding? on 03/10/2013 at 11:39 am

@ Who has to have the police,

You’re not coming out for the Napoli plan???  Oh yes you are!  Interesting, the way you end with throwing in the Napoli plan for development of the Bell field.

At least be open about it you two!

By Have you gone undercover? on 03/10/2013 at 11:55 am

It’s you who are relentlessly paranoid. And, apparently, relentlessly hostile to the Napoli plan.  I don’t care how the downtown is strengthened or who does it.  Chappaqua Crossing’s developer could do it, some other developer could do it.  I just want it done. We’re gasping for air down here. And I’m not begging for you to come spend more of your dollars here - I’m just telling you what present conditions are.  We don’t have enough of what people want. People want to go where they see other people are and where things they want are.  Merchants need more reasons for people to want to be in town and more people to live in the downtown, more market rate residential, not just affordable.

By Downtown development help on 03/10/2013 at 12:56 pm

Good idea, DD!

If we are going to consider downtown development, let’s invite multiple bids from developers, as your observation that any developer would be acceptable proposes.

If we could sell the Bell field for a sizable sum, the CCSD could start to wipe out the 7 Bridges debt of approx. $50 million.  And the town could sell other rights to the approved developer.

If we could get a number of developers in here with their proposals and competitve bids we might solve our fiscal problems.

By A Good Business Proposition, Dd! Thanks. on 03/10/2013 at 3:54 pm

To me, this is not about Napoli project vs. retail development at Chappaqua Crossing.  This is about trying to revitalize our downtown business districts vs something that could potentially destroy it. 

I have long since advocated that are downtown business districts - especially Chappaqua - need to be revitalized.  That’s the very reason I started the Chamber of Commerce.

I have raised numerous suggestions to help revitalize downtown Chappaqua.  I have written about transit oriented development at the train station, as well as building a parking garage at the train station.  There is no reason to have 10 acres of parking spaces when real estate is so limited.  I am in favor of moving Town Hall & the police station to Chappaqua Crossing, and building a supermarket with housing @ the Town Hall Location.  And, yes, I am in favor of the Napoli plan which will add parking & desperately needed nightlife.

All these suggestions have 1 thing in common…......increase the critical mass to downtown Chappaqua.  Retail development at Chappaqua Crossing will do the exact opposite. 

By Rob Greenstein on 03/10/2013 at 10:12 pm

after reading through the comments i just want to pack up and move away from this town. the future looks hopeless and the taxes aren’t worth it.  unfortunately, chappaqua crossing may be developed before i find a buyer who wants to buy my home.

By disgusted with the bickering on 03/11/2013 at 9:27 am

Greenstein-You regularly doubt the legitimacy of people who support Retail at Chapp Crossing. You label anonymous supporters as working for Summit Greenfield. You have often written that you have not seen anybody in favor of this project willing to print their name. Credit to Chapp Moms Facebook for this small survey. The results show the majority of respondents favor some type of retail/supermarket at CC. now you state that “survey two should be completely ignored as it’s a hypothetical”. People do support this.

You say that people will propose prospective businesses to occupy Chapp Crossing that they might welcome – you say that’s “nonsense”.  Again you sight lack of a master plan. Yet you unconditionally support the Napoli plan. How can you support the Napoli plan when Chuck hasn’t supplied the name of even one retailer /merchant he expects to occupy one of his 20 new stores? Napoli can but SG cant? What if GAP, Subway, 7-11, Foot Locker, JCrew,Wilson Jewelers, etc occupy these Napoli stores downtown- that will certainly hurt current merchants. The Napoli project will destroy Millwood. You object to Chapp Crossing because of negative impact on the character of our community. Napoli calls for a 400 car cement underground garage in the center of town, a 5 story high theater and a plastic turf field. That is ok with you? You object to retail at CC because zoning will need to change.- zoning will need to change for Napoli too and there is no master plan for him either.

For the record, days ago on another NCNOW article you stated you are “done addressing anonymous posters on this topic”. But here you are responding to several anonymous posters. You should keep your word or modify your opinion to read you will only respond to anonymous posters that agree with you. In the meantime we should keep an open mind. I support a supermarket-controlled retail at CC. Stalling, doing nothing or waiting for the second coming of Readers Digest are not options.

By Resident on 03/11/2013 at 9:58 am

Mr Greenstein- I do not think a WholeFoods/Trader Joes type market along with some retail like Soul Cycle, CrossFit, TD Bank,GNC Nutrition,Radio Shack and a host of other retailers will necessarily “destroy” downtown. It actually may enhance while bringing more people to town while it keeps residents from shopping in surrounding owns. We need the tax revenue!

Also, I think the Napli plan which you support is most likely to do more damage than good to our downtown. How does the addition of 15 to 20 additional stores in Chapp help our current merchants? What stores do you and Napoli envision that will not threaten our retailers? A 5 story performing arts center with 400 car garage and an AstroTurf field is totally out of character. Its dead on arrival. And who says we desperately need night life” in downtown Chapp? Most people didn’t move here and live here because they clamor for nightlife. Your entitled to your opinion but it is not shard by most and it certainly shouldn’t influence public policy.

Your idea of moving Town Hall and Police to CC has merit. Perhaps Mr Napoli can build his performing arts center there as well. But where are we going to get the money to buy or lease from Summit Greenfield to move town facilities to this privately owned property?

By Rick on 03/11/2013 at 10:40 am

Resident, you might want to look at the poll on Chappaqua Moms which asks about what is actually being proposed - 24 against - 1 in favor.

By A Real Resident on 03/11/2013 at 11:18 am

I laughed heartily at the result of “Survey One” of the Chappaqua Mom’s Facebook Page - 20 to 0 against a new supermarket! 

Only a few people know (and apparently none of the Survey One respondents are in that group) that the Lawsuit brought by the developer of Chappaqua Crossing against the Town and the individual members of the Town Board has been settled by our esteemed Town Board.

How was the Lawsuit settled?  What was paid to the developer to induce it to settle its Lawsuit?  The answer is that no cash was paid BUT the Town Board issued a guaranty of the development of a large scale shopping center with a supermarket anchor.  Sleepy little Chappaqua as you know and love it has been sold down the river for $0.00. 

Unfortunately for our town, a Supermarket and ancillary retail stores at Chappaqua Crossing is now a DONE DEAL! 

That leaves New Castle residents with just three choices: 

1.  Get used to it. 
2.  Exert heretofore non-existent political or Legal influence on the Town Board to not follow through with their self-serving Chappaqua Crossing Lawsuit Settlement.
3.  Sell your home and get out of Chappaqua before Chappaqua Crossing’s new supermarket forever changes the bucolic nature of our peaceful town.

I wish I was more optimistic about our future prospects as a town because I love Chappaqua.  Unfortunately, I believe that the upcoming Chappaqua Crossing supermarket development, when coupled with the ridiculous five story Affordable Housing apartment building to be erected at Hunts Lane (also supported by our Town Board), will loudly ring the death knell for Chappaqua.

By B on 03/11/2013 at 11:48 am

@ Rick,

Neither Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will be coming to CC.  There is so much misinformation on these threads.  I know that it is not easy to keep up with what is actually happening in town and I blame the Town Board for that.

During the past election there was talk of public forums and town hall type meetings and instead they have secret, closed door meetings and give us their decisions, such as the CC zoning change, unannounced at the end of a regular meeting or through the town administrator. 

By Bob on 03/11/2013 at 11:51 am


Oh yes, it is about the Napoli project for you.  You keep pushing it one way or another.  If it’s so good for the merchants, how come they are so silent?  You are not serving their interests as you should be doing vis-a-vis the so called “chamber of commerce.”  Wonder why you formed that in the first place.  Was it with this project in mind so that you could purport to speak for them?

We don’t need competitive chain stores, online shopping is doing us enough damage.

Why should we have to pay a private landlord expensive rents for now and into perpetuity for a town hall and police HQ when the town owns its present property?

You come to town and decide it has to be REvitalized.  What do you think its character HAS been? It’s always been a charming rustic village.  Why don’t you move to Bedford Village and bring in a cement garage and mall to replace the village green, raze their historic Town Hall and put a Costco or other box store in its place, in short, REVITALIZE it’s New England charm into a crass, ugly, urban environment which we all came here to avoid, also known as the square-footage mentality or how can I make the most money and who gives a damn about the quality of life and environment. 

Why would you come here to destroy the charm and beauty of our town?

If you cannot bring good to a community, then better to remain silent.

By Give it a rest, Rob on 03/11/2013 at 12:02 pm

Here is the the link to the Chappaqua Crossing Lawsuit Settlement available on this web site from December 12, 2012:

There are other links available - such as the Town Board’s Statement regarding the Settlement:

New Castle will receive nothing of note from the Settlement - at least we could have included a new town pool facility in the deal.


By B on 03/11/2013 at 12:20 pm

Do you have signed leases with WholeFoods/Trader Joes type market along with some retail like Soul Cycle, CrossFit, TD Bank,GNC Nutrition, Radio Shack?  Are you guaranteeing those tenants?

By Keep dreaming on 03/11/2013 at 12:29 pm

Critical mass?! That says it all!  Do you consider yourself a majority in this town?  Does your opinion or support of Chuck Napoli count as a “mass”? 

What is your true involvement in this project? Your pugnacity and intensity is making this town wonder.

Have seen this very thing happen before. The old-timers will know the reference.


By Critical mass? on 03/11/2013 at 12:30 pm

To B- you are incorrect when you state that New Castle will get nothing from the settlement. The settlement paves the way for the utilization of 110 acres of property currently 80% unoccupied and underutilized. That utilization will bring a much needed supermarket to our community along with several stores we all might find beneficial. The settlement, in allowing the developer to utilize their property, will begin to generate tax revenue that benefits all of us. Lets not forget that this retail at CC plan was not the developers first plan or proposal. They made multiple proposals over many years that were obstructed and objected to and now we find ourselves in this situation.

It’s curious that you object to retail at Chapp Crossing, fault the Town Board for negotiating a settlement, you speak negatively about the 5 story Affordable Housing Conifer project at Hunts Lane, yet you remain silent on the Napoli project?
The most disruptive and biggest threat to the character of our community is not a super market and some ancillary retail on 110 acre CC site tucked away between SawMillPkwy and 117.  As much as I oppose the 5 story Affordable Housing Project – it too is not the biggest threat to our community. To borrow your expression, the loudly ringing death knell to Chappaqua will come from destroying downtown with a cement bunker 400 car parking garage, a 5 story high theater (that nobody wants or needs) ,  an elevated artificial turf field, and 20 new stores all jammed into the center of town right on top of a bustling middle school. The traffic, the danger, the negative impact on current merchants will be devasting to downtown….yet you don’t even mention it in your objection to CC. If you truly are concerned about the character of Chappaqua and if you truly “love Chappaqua” as you say than how on earth do you remain silent (even support) the Napoli plan. A super market and a handful of stores at CC will not destroy us – get over it.

By Get over it on 03/11/2013 at 2:24 pm

what is the factual basis for this preamble for the facebook poll: Who thinks Chappaqua needs another retail district to be located at Chappaqua Crossing complete with a bank, nail salon, fast food restaurant, Dunkin Donuts etc as well as a big mainstream supermarket complete with pharmacy, bakery, flowers and everything else typical inside of a big supermarket?  Almost reminds me of the not so subtle scare tactics (e.g, “sewerage treatment”) used for the petition to block CC development . . .

By Where's The Integrity? on 03/11/2013 at 4:57 pm

@To The Town Needs Help, and other who support making downtown bigger with more retail. You all are missing the point. The dynamics of shopping in todays world has forever changed retailing. The backbone retailers of Main St USA (Chapp)are gone forever. No matter how many stores you build the local town photo shop ( pictures developed), book store, record-cd store, travel agent, shoe store, and many others are not coming back. Amazon, Zappos, Expedia, and a slew of others have changed the need for having a critical mass of downtown merchants. In addition, Coscto,Sams Club and Target pull away business. We can add parking and we can add more stores but that will not change this reality. At precisely the time that people have changed the way-where they shop you folks support adding more stores! That makes absolutely no sense! Are you saying that 30 merchants are struggling so if we add 20 more all 50 merchants will all do better. That is preposterous! Do you really want The Gap, Chicos, Subway, Victoria Secret in Chapp? Only those stores have a chance because they have deep pocket ownership.
People dine out, get coffee, grab a sandwich or a slice- that is why eating establishments are prominent in town. You can not get your nails/ hair done or get a massage online – that is why nail salons /spas proliferate. But you can buy clothes, shoes, gifts, books, music, etc online or at your local big box store. 
Critical mass theory and “build it and they will come” mentality ignores the reality of retail today. You folks would destroy the charming character of downtown on the old theory that more stores bring more people- wrong! Besides we are surrounded by towns that satisfy local consumer demand (Mt Kisco, White Plains, Greenwich, NYC). Mt Kisco retailers struggled before and since Target came to town. The reason– consumers shop differently today. “Build it and they will come” is going the way of the travel agent and the book store. It wont work!

By the 1990's are over on 03/11/2013 at 5:52 pm

I support a supermarket and accompanying retail at Chapp Crossing. I saw the Chapp Moms Facebook survey but i chose not to participate. I have several friends that live near and around Chapp Crossing and I do not want to have them angry with me. You see they oppose everything that has been suggested. They are true NIMBY people and no matter what solution, suggestion, or compromise they will object. Some comment above suggested that the rejection of all the developers previous plans has foced us into this curent situation. It is funny but that is what one of my friends who lives in Lawrence Farms East said a few weeks ago - she said that the earlier plans to build condos and senior living is starting to look pretty good right now. We would have all been better off.
We can not continue to say no to everything and expect that SG will simply go away or leave their property 3 quarters empty. Looks like the strategy, the petitions, and pushback have backfired.


By Chappmom on 03/11/2013 at 6:02 pm

Sell Bell School and the athletic field to a developer. Let Napoli take a crack at it. Renovate the school building into apartments and build the “European food hall” on the field. Let the CCSD use the money from the sale to pay down the debt from Seven Bridges and send all of the middle school students there. Haven’t all of you CCSD folks been complaining for years that there was no real need for a second middle school? It was just a bubble in the enrollment? Now you have excess capacity in an almost new building. Take advantage of it. You can have both residential and Napoli’s retail downtown, without the Town or school district giving anything (like easements) away for free.

Start building the residential and retail at Chappaqua Crossing. On the other hand, forget the retail and just build out the original residential plan.

And when you’re all done wringing your hands about the destruction of downtown Chappaqua, can we please get those sewers in the Millwood business district?

By West Ender on 03/11/2013 at 11:30 pm

To The 1990’s Are Over- you are spot on. Your comments hit the nail on the head. BRAVO! Everyone should read it again. I hope Mr Napoli and Mr Greenstein read it and I hope our Town Board and our School Board read it. Revitalize downtown by building more stores is folly. It is meant to distract , deter, and deflect from finding a solution and working out a compromise at Chapp Crossing.

By RC on 03/12/2013 at 7:39 am

Agree 100% with the 90s are over.  More stores will not equal more customers.  If only that were so….  Anyone with a pencil (and certainly stores like Victoria’s Secret et al) will do one calculation and see that there is not enough population density to warrant the rent and build-out in Chuck’s space.  (I do have great respect for him for trying, however, and maybe there is something to be built of merit downtown.  I don’t think performing arts and retail will succeed.)
“90s” is right, but I’ll speak only for myself:  it is very difficult to run a retail store in our downtown.  For me, it’s a labor of love and a great opportunity to interact with the community.  A way to get rich or even comfortable—no.
But…we all can try our best.  I am leading a group that is launching the first ever Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival.  For one day in October, we expect to bring 2500-3000 folks to town to celebrate books and, we hope, fall in love with our town.    (Details at or

By Dawn Greenberg on 03/12/2013 at 8:58 am

When you conduct a survey you can easily influence and impact the answers by the way in which you ask the question. Chappaqua Moms Facebook Survey One is a perfect example of a slanted and bias question. The question – “Who thinks Chappaqua needs another retail district to be located at Chappaqua Crossing complete with a bank, nail salon, fast food restaurant, Dunkin Donuts etc as well as a big mainstream supermarket complete with pharmacy, bakery, flowers and everything else typical inside of a big supermarket.
Anybody who lives in our town understands that we have too many nail salons, too many banks, we already have a Dunkin Doughnuts (which is NOT generally considered upscale like Tazza or Starbucks), and “fast food restaurant” conjures up negative sentiment. So it is not surprising that people voted NO.

How different the results would be if the question appeared something like this- “Who thinks Chappaqua would benefit from another retail district at CC complete with a full service supermarket, a fitness center like CrossFit or SoulCycle, Jamba Juice or Tazza, an organic cosmetics and skin care store, and a restaurant like Panera Bread or Cosi.
This question would certainly get some, maybe many to support the plan. Of course there are many that will support no plan and would choose to see CC stay empty. For these NIMBY people nothing will meet their approval. And there are some that will say we have no guarantee that upscale stores will inhabit CC. True- we also have no guarantee that a nail salon, fast food restaurant, or Dunkin Doughnuts will be part of CC. We know for sure no sewage treatment facility is coming. We also have no guarantee what stores Naploi plans for downtown just like we had no guarantee that DAGS would be replaced by Walgreens (even though we already have Rite-Aid).

By Resident on 03/12/2013 at 9:57 am


Take note, a merchant has spoken against the viability of the Napoli plan and endorsed “90’s” post.

As a chamber of commerce representative, you should be representing their interests not Napoli’s.

By Give it a rest, Rob on 03/12/2013 at 10:49 am

To “90s” you have said it all.  That is exactly what has happened in Mt. Kisco.  The chain stores have replaced the individual retail shops since they are the only ones that can survive as “90s” has so eloquently stated.

Target’s parking lot is always filled, while small retail stores are
empty with for-rent signs. 

Go find a bakery (which we had for 30 years owned by the baker and his wife).  Along Lexington Ave. are: Lenscrafters, Chinese Take-Out, Cosi’s, Banana Republic, Bank, Ann Taylor, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret went out, and Eduardo’s restaurant.  Get the idea?

“90s” is right on the mark between online shopping with discounts and delivery (convenenience), chain stores (inventory, variety, and discounts), what chance does the small retailer have? Ms. Greenberg, as a retailer well understands this.

Rob Greenstein, the merchants have spoken.

By Right on "90s": times have changed on 03/12/2013 at 11:14 am

why no veteran’s rehab?  please explain why that wouldn’t work.  i would love my town to be associated with that and it would bring jobs galore to our town.

By Leslie on 03/12/2013 at 11:16 am

It’s great to see so many of us discussing issues so important to the future of our town. Hope we will all also consider this wise observation:

By Penny Vane on 03/12/2013 at 10:44 pm

To Greenstein, Murphy, and Harris- I call your attention to the above comments by “1990’s are over”. These comments are prescient and informed. The writer includes facts and opinions. Most importantly his/her point of view is vital in any discussion about retail in Chapp and revitalization of downtown (if such a thing is even warranted). Others have since commented supporting 90’s are over. You three would dismiss this view or give it less importance simply because the writer chooses to remain anonymous. You do yourselves and the rest of us a disservice when you close your minds to ideas and feedback. It stifles rigorous debate and problem solving.

To Rob Greenstein – I find your first comment above most disturbing. Once again you do not recognize that many people do disagree with you and that anyone in support of this project must be working for the enemy. You state your foes are “handful of people using multiple fake names”. And they “VERY likely do not live in our community….”. Really? Only a handful of people disagree with you? And you think they do not live in Chapp? You kidding?Let me tell you under no uncertain terms, many people in town (including merchants) disagree with your positions and your style of debate. I was recently at a dinner party and retail at CC was discussed.  People were equally split for vs against. Some in your camp who oppose are turned off by your involvement saying that you may have actually made it worse. That did actually happen, I do live in town, and I recognize that a mixed usage approval with supermarket and retail at CC is the only solution.  You may sleep better at night thinking only a handful of anonymous posters disagree with you and that they don’t live in our town but we know that simply is untrue-  I think its called delusional.

By JJ - real initials on 03/13/2013 at 11:06 am

To set the record straight, I am the person who initially asked the question on the Chappaqua Mom’s Facebook page as to whether you would be in favor or against a grocery store at Chappaqua Crossing (in fact my question was posed first, the other poll was posted in response.)  I tried to pose the question in a simple unbiased way for a reason.

It seems to me that quite often when someone presents a view that goes against some people on the board, they are eviscerated for their comment. For example, I’ve seen it happen to people who are upset at coyotes for killing their dog, people who disagree with the way the schools are dealing with safety, and finally people who just want a decent grocery store in town.

Thus, I believe that my poll received the votes it did, because people felt free to vote without public reprisal.
While the board can be a valuable source of information, I am also disturbed by how often people are compelled to share their bad experiences with a local merchants and physicians. Don’t they realize how damaging their words can be?

How can we teach our kids about the ill effects of social media when we ourselves don’t practice what we preach? I often remind my 8 year old of the adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”. I hope this lesson will carry forward when she is old enough to participate in these forums.

By K Lo on 03/15/2013 at 10:52 am

K Lo,

The issue I personally had with your first question is that it leaves off crucial facts re: what is actually being proposed.  It leaves off the very facts that make people, like myself, oppose the project.

While Summit Greenfield, and our Town Board, would love to frame this project as merely a supermarket to Chappaqua, what is being proposed, and supported by our Town Board, is much more massive. 

Take a look at Summit Greenfield’s ad that was just updated 29 days ago.  They are looking to 130,000 SF retail development - Anchor & junior anchor positions available / Anchor: 25,000 to 60,000 SF / Junior anchor positions: 10,000 to 20,000 SF.

If you do the math, we’re talking about 10 stores. 

BTW, I could not agree with you more re: “how often people are compelled to share their bad experiences with a local merchants and physicians. Don’t they realize how damaging their words can be?”.  That’s a real problem.

By Rob Greenstein on 03/15/2013 at 11:20 am

Greenstein- once again you insult the intelligence of people in our community. The Town Board and Summit Greenfield have made no secrets of what is planned for Chapp Crossing. Town Board meetings have been public and replays available on TV. SG plans have been broadcast and repeadtly written up including very detailed drawings and plans. In fact Ms Yeres of this very blog has done an outstanding job covering the developments and provided video and full plans. The facts are easily available to all. You again incorrectly assume that anyone in favor of this project or is open minded enough to consider it must be ill informed and in the dark.

You just can not accept opposing views.
The question in the survey that is problematic is the one that suggests a Dunkin Doughnuts, fast food restaurant, or nail salon is coming to Chapp Crossing. We have no idea what might be included. It’s all speculation.  It’s impossible to believe with a new Dunkin D just up the road on 117 and another DunkinD in Chapp that a third will be in CC.  Since you support the Napoli plan and also serve as head of Chamber of Commerce why don’t you share with us what stores are being proposed for downtown Chapp.

By Resident on 03/15/2013 at 2:38 pm

I, for one, just learned about the size of this development.  I do consider myself intelligent but do need to stay more informed.  I apologize if my questions were asked already but the listing confused me.  I thought the zoning was not approved yet.  When was the retail zoning approved?  Also, I thought 100 units were approved.  The listing says 200 residential units.  When was that increased?

By Another Chappaqua Mom on 03/15/2013 at 7:03 pm

Wow, I thought Chappaqua Moms was a tough crowd.   At least we use real names.  I’m not sure any of the polls were accurate since they are still looking for tenants.   The poll probably should have simply asked if you agree with the 130,000 retail development.      After getting kids ready for school, making lunches, laundry, shopping, after school activities, dinner, homework, getting the kids to do their reading & ready for bed,  I’d rather watch The Voice than watch a boring Town Board meeting on TV.  Sorry.               

By Amy on 03/16/2013 at 11:04 am

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