Merchant of the Week:  Cathy’s Hair Room

Cathy's Hair Room stylists
May 31, 2013
by Rob Greenstein

I needed to meet the woman who owns a hair salon and whose last name is Hair.

Cathy Hair

Cathy’s Hair Room
16 S Bedford Rd
Chappaqua, NY 10514

How long have you been at your new location, and how is it working out?

As of April 13th we have been in our new location, across from Julio’s Bike Shop, for One Year!  It’s by far my best location yet!  The salon is so beautiful, and we have had the pleasure of having so many great people come through our doors.

I need to ask this question, what came first—your last name or your profession?

This is a question I get quite often.  I was a hair stylist before I was married so I usually tell people I looked my husband up in the phone book!


It must be nice to work with your two daughters, Victoria and Nicole – would they agree?

Absolutely, they tell me all the time how much they love working altogether. Some days are harder than others but it has brought us very close and I think our clients then feel like part of our family.

Tell me about your “Self-Tour Consultation.”

Self Tour is a totally unique consultation system that helps our stylists recognize why and how to choose the right hair color and hair cut for you.  We look at your eye color, skin tone and face shape while keeping your personality and individual characteristics in mind.

What Hair Design Services do you provide?

We do it all!! Color, cutting, styling and special occasions. All of our stylist are constantly educated on new trends and techniques. We also offer make-up and facial waxing!

What’s the latest trend in children’s haircuts?

Chic, but manageable.  Children are becoming fashionistas at very early ages, so they need something that supports that but also works on the playground and in sports.


Please tell me about some of the hair products you use—and those you avoid.

We love Scruples and Iden! They are both professional products that do what they say and are safe for your hair and body. We do not use anything with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde or any of its “cousins” such as aldehyde.  A lot of salons use Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatments that contain these chemicals but we will not touch them. Instead we offer safe alternatives such as the Maintamer and Zerran Vegan Smoothing Treatment. 

Do you travel for weddings and other special occasions?

We do!  I have traveled as far as Washington D.C. for a client’s wedding and lately I have had stylists traveling around the area for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and other special occasions.

I love your website,  Tell me about your “Hair Cocktails” and “The Candy Bar With a Twist.”

Thank you! My daughter Nicole would be happy to hear that because she is the brain behind it!  In March we started opening Sundays to accommodate our clients. We wanted Sundays to be special, so we decided on going with the “blow-dry bar” trend.  All blow-dry bars come in different “shapes and sizes.”  Basically there are different types of blow-drys and styles offered with fun “drink” names. A lot of times these services are also discounted, which is something we have done for our Sunday blow-dry bar.  “The Candy Bar” is a spin-off—also to accommodate and make it fun for our younger clientele.  The “with a twist” section is a few add-on services we offer with the other styles.  One thing I would like to add is, we do offer ALL our services on Sundays. The blow-dry bar just adds some fun to it.

I know you have senior citizen and student discounts (please mention them), any special discounts for NewCastleNOW readers who mention this article?

We offer a 10% discount on Tuesdays for Senior Citizen’s (65 years & older) and a 15% discount on Thursdays for students.  I would also like to offer a complementary Self Tour Consultation with 15% off any service booked that day.  Just mention this article!


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THANK YOU Cathy Hair for your generous annual donations to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin Outreach Auction Dinner.  Your donations help benefit charities, local and international, assisting people in need.  We appreciate your community support!

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