Town board member Robin Stout makes public disclosure statement

Monday, August 16, 2010
by Christine Yeres

At last Tuesday’s town board meeting Councilman Robin Stout announced that one of the responsibilities of his “day job”—for the Empire State Development Corporation—is to supervise Columbia University’s planned expansion into West Harlem.  Empire State Development Corporation’s real estate and condemnation counsel, Stout stated, is the law firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn LLP, which also represents Summit Greenfield in the Chappaqua Crossing project.

Stout explained that although none of the Carter Ledyard & Milburn attorneys working on the Columbia expansion project was working on the Summit Greenfield project, he wished to make full public disclosure of the connection.  Stephen Kass of Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLC is Summit Greenfield’s legal counsel on Chappaqua Crossing. John Marwell of Mt. Kisco’s Shamberg Marwell Davis & Hollis, P.C. is also legal counsel to Summit Greenfield.
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Board member Elise Mottel recently recused herself because she works for a firm that works for a subsidiary of Summit Greenfield.

Now Mr. Stout reveals that the lawyers for the real estate development firm he works for are also Summit Greenfield’s lawyers. But he has not recused himself.

Mr. Buckley is in real estate development also and would stand to benefit from development of Chappaqua Crossing. Granted, this is not a direct conflict, but he might look especially favorably upon development (as would Mr. Stout, who is in the process of developing Harlem).

Does it seem to anyone else that perhaps this issue should be put to voters and not the board given how biased some of its members might appear? I understand that they may feel in their hearts that they are not biased. But how does it look to us voters????

By Is anyone on the board is truly non-partisan? on 08/20/2010 at 11:59 am

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