Musical Op-Ed: “Chappaqua Double-Crossing”

August 6, 2010
by Lee Seham

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Chappaqua Double-Crossing

I’m cross at the developer, but now am cross at you. G
Our fine schools are at risk and there’s no question what to do. CG
You know how strong we feel, and yet you’ll try to ram it through. G
How many times do we have to say No?   GDG

I told you in your survey and then on the telephone: G
My home is in New Castle and New Castle is my home.   CG
They knew what they were buying now they want to re-rezone.   G
How many times do we have to say No? GDG

And you can ask a million times, the answer’s still the same.  DCG
‘Cause it’s about our families, it isn’t just a game.  DCG
So listen closely one more time— CG
We’ll try to say it slow: CG

I have seen the future madam and what do you think I see? G
My life in idle as I sit at Exit 33.     CG
Please have some respect for Chappaqua democracy. G
How many times do we have to say No?   GDG


From NCNOW’s archives:  Op-Ed: New Castle’s Manhood, November 30, 2007, by Lee Seham.

Lee Seham is a labor, employment and immigration attorney who has lived in Chappaqua for over 13 years.

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