An Update from Supervisor Rob Greenstein

An appeal to “Shop Local,” streetscape improvements will go forward, business development team formed, Master Plan review will launch
Tuesday, February 25, 2013
by Rob Greenstein

After a very tough winter, many of our downtown merchants are hurting—BIG TIME!  This tough winter comes after years of our merchants struggling with difficult economic conditions and other longstanding issues that have impeded growth and discouraged capital investment. We are in the final stages of forming our Downtown Business Development Advisory Committee, and also have in place our Master Plan Steering Committee as well as consultant for Master Plan outreach to the community.

We also plan on proceeding with longstanding plans to make substantial infrastructure improvements in our downtown business hamlet that will include improvements in landscape, lighting, sidewalks, curbing and crosswalks.

But these are long term solutions. They need our help now!  Please visit our local merchants in downtown Chappaqua and Millwood.

~ Rob Greenstein

Editor’s Note: NCNOW asked Supervisor Greenstein about the Business Development Advisory Committee he’s forming, the Master Plan Steering Committee, his talks with Summit Greenfield and the idea of moving town hall to Chappaqua Crossing.

Downtown Business Development Advisory Committee

According to Superintendent Rob Greenstein, the Business Development Advisory Committee he and Adam Brodsky have assembled “will assist the Town Board by identifying and recommending policy initiatives that will strengthen our existing businesses, attract new and desirable businesses to New Castle, and help our community revitalize our downtown business hamlet while facilitating the harmonious development of Chappaqua Crossing.”  Membership of the committee has been “firmed up” this week, said Greenstein.  Names of the committee members have not yet been released.  Greenstein himself will head the committee.

Master Plan Steering Committee

The Town Board will officially appoint the five Master Plan Steering Committee members who will conduct a review of the Town Development Plan (a/k/a “Master Plan”).  They are Bob Kirkwood and Richard Brownell, both members of the Planning Board; Hala Makowska, Chairperson of the Millwood Board of Fire Commissioner; Maud Bailey, who worked on the Town’s last Master Plan; and Town Board member Adam Brodsky.

Talks with Summit Greenfield

Asked when he would reveal the substance of his talks with Summit Greenfield on the possible use or acquisition of the cupola building for a town hall, Greenstein responded, “Most likely at our joint Town Board and Planning Board meeting.”  He gave no date.

Town hall to cupola concept

The concept of selling town hall property, or parts of it, for development and relocating town hall and police functions to the cupola building at Chappaqua Crossing will be discussed, said Greenstein, through the Master Plan review and its outreach process.  The town will have the property appraised and assessed, for now a $10,000 “Phase One” undertaking.

Town will engage—for around $15,000—Pace Land Use Center to conduct community outreach for Master Plan review. 

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