Finally we can recycle milk and juice boxes too!

Monday, January 6, 2014
~ from New Castle’s Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB is excited to report that the town now accepts more recycling materials than ever before.  Not only does recycling reduce the amount of waste that must be burned or buried, conserve natural resources and reduce pollution, but the town saves $70 per ton of garbage recycled rather than dumped.  Below is a list of Enhanced Recycling items for 2014—but remember that these items must be placed with plastics, not paper:

* waxed coated containers: milk, juice, ice cream, frozen food, butter
* aseptic box containers, such as those for juice, soup, broth
* all plastic bags 1 thru 7 (numbers appear in the triangle)

How can the SAB help you in your efforts toward sustainability?

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