Invitation to New Castle Residents: Let’s think together.

Opportunity to meet and talk at Lange’s on Monday, Nov. 17, 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
November 14, 2014
by Deputy Supervisor Lisa Katz

It’s no secret that, for many reasons, I am opposed to the current retail development proposal at Chappaqua Crossing.  However, I also realize that some retail may be approved by the Town Board, and, if so, I want to ensure that it is the best possible size and type of development for our whole community.

I have been working with my fellow Board members and the Planning Board on a number of additional mitigation measures and conditions, including reducing the overall size of the retail space.  As you’ve heard us discuss, we’re also looking to persuade Summit Greenfield to demolish or decommission an equivalent or greater amount of office space than the retail they are proposing to add, to help make the project a better fit for our community. 

I also have been discussing with my Board colleagues what types of retail businesses and amenities we may want, and what we may not want to allow at Chappaqua Crossing.  For example, we do not want a smoke shop, since the development is a short walk from our high school. 

We’ve heard from Summit Greenfield as to what types of retailers it hopes to attract to Chappaqua Crossing.*  I want to hear from residents on what types of retail or amenities you do and do not want to see at Chappaqua Crossing if the Board were to approve the retail proposal in some form.  I also want to hear your thoughts about other improvements that we could ask be undertaken to benefit our entire town and to lessen the impact on neighboring residents.

Our next public hearing is Tuesday, November 18th at approximately 8:30 p.m., and I urge you to attend to let the Board know your thoughts.  If you cannot attend that meeting, or if you don’t feel comfortable attending, I will once again be holding a “coffee talk” at Lange’s in Chappaqua this Monday, November 17th from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

Please feel free to drop by to share your thoughts.

Lisa Katz
Deputy Town Supervisor

Editor’s Note:  The list of possible retail tenants submitted by Summit Greenfield can be viewed by clicking HERE.  According to Supervisor Rob Greenstein, Town Board members will continue their discussion of matters still-to-be-decided pertaining to the Chappaqua Crossing application.

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