L to E: Keep mosque public hearing open till September

Monday, July 28, 2014
by Vera Garrett

I would like to first state that as a resident of the affected area, this objection has nothing to do with the project being a Mosque, as my brother-in-law and family are Muslim.

I am requesting that the July 30th public hearing remain
open until September. This is the largest land use application since the
1980’s that affects West End residents. The residents should therefore be
able to participate in the process.

Any project of this magnitude is ill advised for a residential rural area. A
project such as this belongs in a more commercial area.

In watching at least the last 7-8 minutes of this meeting, I was able to see
that the UWMS lawyer knew that there would be a public hearing July 30th
before the ZBA had even made a motion to accept the FEIS let alone made a
motion to have a public hearing. Very disturbing!!!

There are many inconsistencies and omissions in the FEIS.  Very important is
that they did not have a new traffic study done to reflect the new proposal
to use satellite parking and shuttles from Brookside School and Maryknoll
(and a few other sites farther away). They have not satisfactorily responded
to the whole traffic situation: backups, no turning lanes, Hoags Cross Road,
monitory the parking lots and admission tickets, etc. They plan to limit
congregants to 650 by distributing admission tickets ahead of time. They did
not address WADU (ritual washing prior to prayer) and its impact on the
septic system. They have not adequately addressed the septic system in
general. They suggest that they would pave parts of Hoags Cross Road, an
idea that the town of New Castle never considered because it would be too
dangerous: increasing traffic and speed.

A project of this size will have a negative impact on the quality of life of
taxpaying citizens of New Castle, who because we live in the West End are
not considered on equal standing with our Chappaqua counterparts who seem to
be able to squash projects in their end of town.

The impact on the environment,the increased traffic the building size will
not only impact quality of life but also property values. Is New Castle
willing to make up the money we will lose and take a hit in tax reductions
from our devalued properties.

The fact that meetings are held and residents of the affected area are not
notified in unconscionable. i do not understand why our government is
bending over backwards to accommodate non- residents over tax-payers!!!!

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