L to E: Letter of Support for New Castle Democrats from Elise Mottel

November 1, 2013
by Elise K. Mottel

I am writing in support of Penny Paderewski for Town Supervisor and John Buckley and Mike Wolfensohn for Town Board. As a sitting town board member and an active Democrat, my endorsement will surprise few, if any. I feel that the reasons I am supporting the Democratic slate are important to share before the election.

I have worked with Penny Paderewski for nine years.  I have watched her manage our town’s finances. She is a consummate professional. She is both fiscally responsible and creative. Witness our AAA bond rating. She has been able to keep this rating and enhance our infrastructure, develop new ways to maintain our services, and improve our parks and public spaces. None of these accomplishments could have been done without a financial leader with great talents. That is Penny.

As town administrator, Penny has managed our employees through strained financial times. She has worked collaboratively with department heads, employees, volunteers and outside resources. Penny is innovative and inspirational. She knows and gets along with important partners —working with local, county, state and federal officials and agencies to benefit New Castle.

Penny provides experience, knowledge and dedication.  I can say the same about John and Mike. Michael has heady skills at building consensus on difficult issues and John votes his conscience, even if it means publicly disagreeing with his colleagues. Michael is passionate about public safety, youth sports and making sure all parts of Town have a voice. John has been a leader in bringing services to the community and helping during times of crisis.

Serving on the Town Board has great rewards. But serving, and running for office, have become difficult, notwithstanding our passion. Each of these candidates has been assailed by the opposition and their supporters. Criticism has sunk to levels that are inappropriate and distressing.

This letter may generate yet another onslaught of attacks and diatribes. Who knows how many real authors exist behind the comments and insults that appear on-line? But we all must speak out. There’s no question, this is personal. It’s personal because I live here and I believe we deserve better.

Please join me in electing Penny, John and Michael next week. Yes, we are a community like all others with room for improvement.  These candidates will take those steps forward. We have a great town.  I love New Castle. For what it is today and what it can be tomorrow under leadership that looks to improve, instead of those seeking public office without putting the public first. 

October 30, 2013
Elise K. Mottel
Town Board Member/Deputy Supervisor

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