L to E: NC needs a Supervisor who is knowledgeable and steady

November 1, 2013
by Janet L. Wells

Putting aside the drama and emotion of the election season, the Town of New Castle needs a Supervisor who is knowledgeable and steady, knowledgeable about the many and varied parts of town government and steady while solving current and future problems.  Penny Paderewski is that person.

Many of us have questioned why Penny is willing to leave her good job as town administrator for the possibility of elected office.  The positions actually are very different.  With elected office will come the right to vote, an opportunity to interact with residents, study and analyze a problem from many angles, and then cast a vote offering a solution.  A vote carries many responsibilities—very different from providing information and analysis only.  We are fortunate Penny has stepped up to run for Supervisor and is willing to assume responsibilities of casting her votes for the entire town.

The true Democratic slate, Penny Paderewski, John Buckley, and Michael Wolfensohn, came through the extensive Democratic Committee selection process.  They know what it takes in hours and effort to be effective officers of the town.  From day one they will bring a solid foundation to the table.  There will be no lengthy learning curve.

Town government requires constant interaction with people.  As the level of civility in New Castle and across the country slips downward, Penny, John and Michael know the importance of open, positive and dignified communication.  Penny’s plans for informal Q and A’s, easy personal access, advisory task forces, and meetings with merchants               all point to open and effective interaction with the community.  Change will occur.

Much time in this campaign has been spent on current decisions.  While they are very significant, it’s essential also to consider the future.  Each year brings expected and unexpected problems, situations and crises.  In any year between 500 and 1000 decisions, both big and small, are made by a Supervisor and Town Board.  Isn’t a knowledgeable and steady Supervisor at the helm a benefit to all of us?  Penny is that person.  Aren’t knowledgeable and community involved Board members a benefit to all of us?  John Buckley and Michael Wolfensohn are those individuals.

Our community is made up of two hamlets, neighborhoods, associations and most important l7561 residents.  As town government and life in general become more complex, it is not a time to take risks with our AAA rating, water plant, west side sewer expansion, parks, youth and senior programs and essential police and public works services.

Please vote for Penny Paderewski for Supervisor and John Buckley and Michael Wolfensohn for Town Board on November 5.

October 30, 2013
Janet L. Wells            
Former Supervisor (2004-2007) and Town Board member (1993-2003)

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