L to E: Take It or Leave It, don’t go—we love you!

April 11, 2014
by Nancy O’Neil

There is a place, in our very own community, where you can bring your slightly chipped turkey platter and go home with four picture frames and a stuffed bear.  Or, on a good day, you get a twin stroller and a potty chair, someone else gets your pink princess phone.

After securing your new possessions in the trunk of your car, you can stroll over to three hearty bins of books.  Mysteries, romance novels, text books, self help books, children’s books—they are all there for the taking.  You might want to bring back the copy of “Estonian Cooking Made Easy” that you picked up last week and whose title proved to be deceptive.  No problem.  Toss it in, along with the picture book of house plants you never heard of.

You know the place.  It’s the Take It or Leave It shed at the Recycling Center, and we love it.


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