Letter to Editor: Don’t be misled—Team New Castle is committed to sewer project

Monday, November 4, 2013
by Rob Greenstein

At a special hearing conducted last Saturday, the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee found that the Democratic slate led by Penny Paderewski had engaged in unfair campaign practices by circulating a mailer and email to residents which misrepresented certain positions of Team New Castle relating to school taxes and commercial development in our community.

Team New Castle has campaigned on a platform of transparency, change, and the need for new leadership—and we have advocated strongly for completing an updated Master Plan that takes into account new initiatives for revitalizing our downtown. It is unfortunate that our opponents are resorting to distortions and scare tactics to maintain the status quo.

We believe in engaging residents, not scaring them with false claims. 

Flyers that appeared over the weekend at homes in Random Farms and at Riverwoods contained yet another false claim: that Team New Castle doesn’t want the Millwood sewer project to go forward (see the full text of the flyer below).

“Demolish government buildings”?

Our opponents claimed that we “propose to demolish government buildings and build new ones, and the taxpayers will have to foot the bill!”  That was ruled unfair.  Team New Castle has advocated for public-private partnerships, not raising taxes or cutting services. We believe in creative solutions, not tired and old concepts.

“Risk that our school taxes…..are spent on non-community educational purposes”?

Our opponents claimed that we want “to risk that our school taxes ... are spent on non-educational purposes.” That too was ruled an unfair claim.  It would serve the community better if our opponents talked about addressing the mandates from Albany. Team New Castle would like to address the problem of unfunded mandates that are draining our schools and town of revenue. We believe in partnering with other towns and lobbying Albany to repeal the unfunded mandates. It is no longer acceptable to say this is an Albany problem, as Ms. Paderewski has stated. It’s a New Castle problem and we need to be proactive and join forces with other towns and demand reform from Albany.

More false claims flying—this time the sewer

Yesterday, one day after these “UNFAIR” decisions by the Fair Campaign Practices Committee, literature was delivered to residents of Random Farms and Riverwoods urging people to vote for the status quo Democratic slate.  The flyer asks, “Do you remember that the Republicans who ran for office in New Castle last time wanted to withdraw YOUR sewer petition thereby killing your best interests?” [See the entire flyer below.]

Is this the best anyone could come up with?  Please rest assured that Team New Castle – Rob Greenstein, Lisa Katz and Adam Brodsky—will indeed work to secure $16 million to fund construction costs for that hook up. Finally, this sewer connection going to become a reality.  It’s already proceeding.  Why would Team New Castle want to derail this project?  We will work to procure additional funds from New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to further reduce the costs to you of hooking up your sewers. 

Rob Greenstein

Here is the scare-flyer that was distributed yesterday:

Protect your investment!

To Our Neighbors in Random Farms & Riverwoods:

Did you know that our current New Castle Town Board and County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz were successful in getting Random Farms & Riverwoods included in the county’s sewer district?

Do you know that these same people are working to secure $16 million to help fund the actual construction costs for that hook up?

And that the New Castle Democrats, Penny, John and Mike will join with County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz in asking New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for additional monies from the city to reduce the costs to you of hooking up your sewers?

Do you remember that the Republicans who ran for office in New Castle last time wanted to withdraw YOUR sewer petition thereby killing your best interests?

Fortunately the New Castle Town Board and Michael Kaplowitz ignored their plea and went forward with the petition. 

To protect your interests, make sure you and your neighbors vote TUESDAY for:

MIKE KAPLOWITZ for County Legislator
JOHN BUCKLEY for Town Board

They will protect your home values and biggest investment and work to remedy your difficult and costly sewage situation.

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