Letter to the Editor: In support of Noam Bramson for County Executive

Monday, November 4, 2013
by Richard Laster

I had the pleasure of first meeting Noam about four years ago, when we were exploring the possibility of his joining the Board of Directors of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center.  I was chairman of this organization at the time and Noam, the son of Holocaust survivors, was mayor of New Rochelle.  He was a natural to join our group.

I was clearly impressed by his proven leadership qualities, his interest and his sensitivity to people’s needs, and his love for the County and the environment.

We were fortunate to have him join our group and we benefited greatly from his logical and thoughtful approach to the issues of the day.

When I learned that Noam was a candidate for the position of County Executive, I made it my mission to help him because I felt he would be great for the county and for our community.

However, I’ve learned from years of business experience that when hiring an executive for a term of four or more years, it is important not to get carried away by my own judgment. It’s wise to check references first, and only then decide.

I did that conscientiously and I’m pleased to say that President Clinton supports Noam and so does Governor Cuomo, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nita Lowey. 

In the last mayoralty election in New Rochelle, Noam won 75% of the vote—that’s even better than I did, when I ran for Town Board member in New Castle about ten years ago.  But this is not all.  The good people at the New York Times urged our support of Noam Bramson and so did the Editorial Board of the Journal News. 

I judge those references to be outstanding, so I can urge you to join me and thousands of others in casting your vote for Noam Bramson for County Executive.

Do you suppose it is possible that, in the quiet of the voting booth, even Mrs. Astorino will cast her vote for you-know-who?

Richard Laster is a 50-year resident of New Castle who has served on both the School Board and Town Board.

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