Ltr to Ed: Why a 150-foot cell tower on Armonk Road should not go forward

Planning Board conducts informal hearing for tower proposal at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, January 6

View from a driveway directly across the road; red dot in center of photo (just above phone wires) is balloon marking height of proposed cell tower
Monday, December 16, 2013
by Tej Anand

Verizon/Homeland has filed an application for installing a 150-foot cell tower on 620 Armonk Road (NY Route 128) in New Castle. The proposed cell tower will be directly behind the tennis courts of the Twin Oaks Swim & Tennis Club (See the map below).  The Homeowners Association of Whippoorwill Lake Road has put together a petition asking the New Castle Planning Board to deny Verizon’s application.  We have put forward ten reasons why constructing a cell tower at this location is incompatible with its historical and natural surroundings, and will impact the quality of life and the property values of surrounding neighborhoods.

In particular, it violates the Town code 69-430 (14) which discourages building wireless communications services facilities within 2500 feet of a landmark.  On September 24, 2013, the Town Board officially has designated the Sarles-Archer Family Graveyard at 442 Armonk Road, 0.4 miles or 2112 feet from 620 Armonk Road, as a New Castle Landmark.  Approving Verizon’s application at this location will set a precedent that will put in peril the protection that is afforded all historical landmarks in our community.

Furthermore, Verizon is not utilizing its outstanding permits such as those located at 50 Hoags Cross Road and Chappaqua Crossing. Verizon Wireless should be required to first construct towers at its permitted locations, and then fully re-evaluate service coverage, before an additional permit for a brand new location is considered.

The Planning Board will be reviewing Verizon’s application on its Tuesday December 17th meeting.  We are asking the New Castle residents to attend the meeting, and sign the attached petition. You may find the online petition by clicking HERE


Tej Anand,

Whippoorwill Lake Road Homeowners Association Board Member

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