PB asks for expert consultant to learn whether cell tower can be less than 150 feet

Saturday, June 7, 2014
by Christine Yeres

In a special meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 9, Planning Board members hope to clear up issues of tower height and the coverage gap Homeland Towers has said it must cover by placing a 150-foot cell tower on Armonk Road.

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The PB has seen two drawings from Homeland showing cell phone coverage at two heights—150 feet and 130 feet.  “Are they so close,” asked Brownell, that one height is as good as another?”  Additional information on Monday should help the Board to know what readings constitute good reception or signal strength in the area and answer the question, “Is there adequate signal being received with the 130 or 150 foot tower, and could it be 110 feet to do the job?”

PB Chair Bob Kirkwood asked also for more information on the “flagpole” or “monopole” cell tower design—a pole without the brush-bristle of antennae at its top—which the PB would consider less intrusive.  Homeland has said that the technology is compromised with a monopole, “and yet you see these poles around,” noted Kirkwood, and directed Town Planner Sabrina Charney to find a “radio frequency” consultant to review the materials the PB will provide and explain the differences between the pole types.

PB discussion of Homeland cell tower on Armonk Road
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Ends: 1-hour, 5-minute mark

Town of New Castle Planning Board Meeting 6/3/14 from New Castle Media Center on Vimeo.




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