Supervisor’s update on status of Chappaqua Crossing application

Town Board will discuss elements of CC application in work session preceding Nov. 18 public hearing
November 17, 2014
~ by Supervisor Rob Greenstein

The Town Board is continuing its work on a draft local law and preliminary development concept plan that could allow a Whole Foods supermarket, a gym, restaurants and retail stores to be built at Chappaqua Crossing.  With input from our Planning Board, we’ve persuaded Summit Greenfield to move away from its original proposal to build large format retail stores, and instead to design a more community-oriented, walkable retail development.

Each side has compromised and the current proposal, while not perfect, has been significantly improved. 

The Board also is working with its Town Planner and consultants to do everything it can to ensure that the type of retailers and amenities we might see at Chappaqua Crossing are the best for our community. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Board continues to press Summit Greenfield to commit itself to taking the steps necessary to ensure that the impacts of any retail development are avoided or mitigated to the fullest extent possible.  These steps may involve limiting not just the allowable retail space at Chappaqua Crossing, but the overall amount of commercial space on the property. 

The Board also is exploring ways to create new open space on the property and other improvements that could benefit nearby residents. 

Next week, I expect that the Town Board will be discussing some of these possibilities at its Work Session on Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

Editor’s Note: The work session is followed by a public hearing on the Chappaqua Crossing application.  The list of possible retail tenants submitted by Summit Greenfield can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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