Time in this next month to “talk turkey” about the town’s future

Monday, November 25, 2013

Editor’s Note: This week’s nationwide gathering around the table with family and friends is a primo opportunity to hear from your feast mates (including the kids) what they think about the futures and fortunes of Chappaqua and Millwood.  Imagine that the recent elections and snappishness on the hot-button issues of Conifer and Chappaqua Crossing have been our traditional Thanksgiving dinner argument, and that we really do intend—duh—to remain family, and friendly.  And to undertake a Master Plan review in the New Year.

In the nearly ten years since a developer purchased the Reader’s Digest property, the U.S. and the world have fundamentally changed.  The recent and continuing recession (“How much of our improvement is the stock market and/or the housing market—and how much of it is the Fed?”) has forced us to think in ways that have prepared the ground for A Big Think about almost everything. That Think is scheduled to take place in the New Year, with a Master Plan review.

While it might feel to us like we’ve been fighting, we’ve really been learning a great deal about our town’s problems and possibilities. Let’s say we’ve just had the arguing part of the Thanksgiving get-together and now we’re headed to the our-future-together part. 

The town’s review and update of the Master Plan is still forming up, and there’ll be many ways to participate—but if you choose to participate you’ll have increased your value by having talked about our problems with others.  Remember: strangers can see things we natives don’t, so learn what you can over the holidays from your out-of-towners. 

Over the next month try asking each other what we think of the town as-is (not just the imperfect stuff) and how could or should the town be different?  Then meet on the other side of the holidays to think “Master Plan.”

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