Town Board makes it official: New Castle has a “Business Development Advisory Committee”

Brodsky promises to work closely with Master Plan “commercial development and hamlets” group
Saturday, November 15, 2014
by Christine Yeres

The Town Board officially enlisted local brain power to serve on a Business Development Advisory Committee (“BDAC”) headed by Town Board member Adam Brodsky. The group is charged with assisting the Town Board “by identifying and recommending policy initiatives that will strengthen our existing businesses, attract new and desirable businesses to New Castle, and help our community revitalize our existing business hamlets.”

According to the resolution establishing the committee, one of its priorities will be to advise the Town Board on “strategic redevelopment opportunities for Town-owned property”—the eight-ish acres on which Town Hall, some commuter parking and the rec field sit— and making “recommendations regarding the highest and best uses based on current market conditions.”

Asked how the BDAC will interface with the Master Plan subcommittee on “commercial development and hamlets,” Brodsky promised collaboration between the two, explaining that “the Master Plan is ‘Big Picture,’ and this [BDAC] is more ‘nuts-and-bolts’.”

To see the full text of the Resolution and the names of its 11 members, click HERE.

Status of the Master Plan

The Master Plan effort is on hold, waiting for the return of “County data” that the Master Plan Steering Committee has sent back to the county. According to Town Planner Sabrina Charney, the work of the subcommittees—analysis of the current Master Plan’s “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats”—is finished and the Steering Committee members will next “be facilitated” by professional Master Plan consultants in “drafting goals and objectives.”

In eliciting these goals and objectives, said Charney, consultants will “balance several different resources—the Pace outreach report, the Master Plan subcommittees’ analyses, the existing Town Development Plan [Master Plan] and the county background analyses expected to be released any day now.”

During public comment, Betty Weitz took issue with Charney’s statement that the subcommittees’ work had been finished and turned in.  “Not the one I sit on,” said Weitz, a member of the “commercial development and hamlets” group.

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