Bedford 2020 salutes Henriette Suhr

December 16, 2015
~ from Bedford 2020

Bedford 2020 wishes to join with the Town of New Castle, Chappaqua, and the surroundings areas of Westchester County and beyond in paying tribute to Henriette Suhr for her untiring efforts to enhance the quality of the environment for the benefit of not only the current inhabitiants of planet Earth but primarily for future generations.

On behalf of Bedford 2020 this 9th day of December 2014

Ellen Rouse Conrad

Olivia H. Farr
(Senior Vice President)

Mary Beth Kass

About Bedford 2020

Bedford 2020 is a non-profit organization leading a grass roots effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20% by the year 2020 in the town of Bedford, NY.

We are reducing emissions and making a difference through community programs that span five action areas, including: Energy, Food & Agriculture, Transportation, Waste & Recycling, and Water & Land Use.

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