The 1989 Town Development Plan—also known as “Master Plan”

April 3, 2014

Editor’s Note: Each Master Plan Steering Committee member has his or her subject and sub-group members. They will soon examine the 1989 plan in each of their subject areas and reach out to interest other residents in weighing in on what should change, what’s worth preserving.  NCNOW has converted the PDF version of the plan, taken from the town’s website, into a copy-and-paste-able Word doc so that you can search the document and work with parts of it that might interest you.

Here are the five subject areas and their Steering Committee point-person:

• Maud Bailey: Public Services and Recreation
• Dick Brownell: Environment, Habitat and Scenic Resources
• Rob Greenstein: Commercial Development and Hamlets [UPDATE: Greenstein has left the committee]
• Bob Kirkwood: Housing
• Hala Makowska: Public Works Infrastructure

To download a Word document of the 1989 Town Development Plan, click HERE.

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