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Monday, September 18, 2012
~ from the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board

On Tuesday, September 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the Chapapqua Library, ENERGIZE NEW CASTLE is sponsoring a Home Energy Assessment and Efficiency presentation at the Chappaqua Library by expert Energy Coach Dick Kornbluth. Drawing on his 33 years of experience as a residential retrofit insulation contractor and home performance contractor, Kornbluth will provide information to help homeowners learn how to take advantage of existing state programs that increase home comfort, reduce utility costs, improve indoor air quality and lower overall carbon emissions. Homeowners are encouraged to ask questions about their own homes.


WHO KNEW?!?!? Window replacement is low on the list of returns on your energy dollar investment.  Although they may look nicer, the insulation value of new windows, compared to insulating walls, for example, is far, far less.  Put window replacement at the very bottom of your list.

A panel of community members will share their experiences on home upgrades with the town’s new Energize program. Brian Kaminer, financial investment advisor and co-Chair of Slow Money NYC, will speak briefly on the return-on-investment of home energy efficiency.

If you’d like an Energize Energy Advisor to help file your application for a FREE home comprehensive home energy assessment, bring your utility account number (from your bill). More information at www.EnergizeNewCastle.org.

Energize New Castle is a community-based energy efficiency program funded through Department of Energy (DOE) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) grants.

The talk is free and open to the public.

Cosponsored with the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board.

Hope to see you there!

See a video of Kornbluth below:

Visual signs that your home is losing energy:


Energize New Castle

How It Works

STEP ONE: Get your free home energy assessment.

• Qualify for a free home energy assessment.

If your household income is less than $ 218,400, you’ll get your assessment for free.

If anything, here is what you’ll pay

The cost of your assessment is based on your yearly household income.

If your household income is…

  Less than $218,400 → you pay $0. It’s free
  Between $209,400 and $261,749 → you pay $50
  Between $261,750 and $314,099 → you pay $100
  Between $314,100 and $366,499 → you pay $150
  Between $366,540 and $418,800 → you pay $200
  Above $418,800 → you pay market rate

If you do not qualify for a full subsidy, you will pay the subsidized price to the contractor at the time of the assessment. You do not need to send any payment with your application. Homes must be under 3,500 sq. ft. to qualify for the full subsidy.


• Enjoy the gold standard in home energy assessments

You’ll get a comprehensive home assessment to improve energy efficiency and home comfort, while helping the community save energy.

• Select a state-certified energy efficiency contractor in your area.

Contractors in Energize New Castle are local, accountable and trained to make sure your upgrade experience is second to none.

• See where your energy goes and how upgrades can help you.

Understand how each suggested measure impacts your savings, comfort, and health and safety.

Get expert advice from your contractor and our independent energy coach about the recommendations.

Is it obvious that a home is losing energy?


STEP TWO: Perform the energy improvements

• Choose your improvements

Your contractor will help you select the measures that make the most sense for your home.

Contractors can guide you towards improvements that will save you more money than they cost.

• Get low interest financing for your upgrades.

Homeowners can apply for low-cost financing with these terms:

APR: 3.49%
Up to $25,000
5, 10 or 15-year terms

Typically, your monthly loan payments will be less than your monthly energy savings.

To learn about financing, click HERE.

• Complete the energy improvements

Your contractor will perform the improvements you selected. At the end of the process, the contractor will assess your house for the second time to ensure that performance and safety standards have been met.  You can also ask to verify the contractor’s work. Energize will provide you with a free quality assurance visit performed by an independent technical expert from Honeywell.


• Feel secure with best-in-class quality assurance process.

We survey every customer for satisfaction and to continually improve the experience.

SIGN UP PAGE:  http://energizenewcastle.org/page/sign_up


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