HGHS schedule conflict? Fill in online form so counselors can help fix them last week of Aug

August 22, 2014

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday of this week the following message from Greeley Principal Robert Rhodes went out to high school students and their families instructing them on how to resolve course schedule conflicts with their counselors during the week before school begins.

Dear Students/Families,

You may see that some of the electives present are not ones you chose. For juniors and seniors this may be particularly evident in your English and social studies electives. Please know that these courses were included in your schedule in order to allow you to gain access to some of your other selections (such as a second science or a particular music or art course), and/or to be sure you are enrolled in all courses required for graduation. Where possible, second sciences were added to your schedule.

Counselors will be working on schedule conflicts during the last week of August. The counselors will be addressing the following scheduling issues:

Required/requested courses that are missing.

Students that now qualify or no longer qualify for a course that required teacher/departmental approval and has specific pre-requisites.

In order to efficiently address the above scheduling issues, counselors are requesting that the following procedure be followed by students:

Students should complete and submit online the “Schedule Change Request Form” that can be found at the link below. Once counselors receive this electronic submission, they will work to address the conflict during the last week of August. Please submit only one electronic form so as not to back up the system with additional requests for the same conflict. The scheduling change request form can be found at the link below:


Please note that priority is given to resolving graduation requirement issues. Any preference changes can be considered during the first week of school when students can touch base directly with their counselor.

Counselors are aware of the necessity to address these concerns in a timely manner and the process above will allow counselors to meet these timelines.


Robert Rhodes

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