Letters to the Editor Dec 7

December 7, 2007

Thanks from The Second Story Bookshop
Joan Ripley

Open Letter to the Planning Board
Drs. Jill Schehr and Jeffrey Sacks

Chappaqua Crossing/Reader’s Digest property development
Marc and Linda Harris

Thanks from The Second Story Bookshop

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to thank you so much for running the article about The Second
Story. I also wish to emphasize that we are so grateful to Randi for what
she did for us. It truly made the difference last year. I hope that many
more residents will see this story and give us a visit this holiday season.

Chappaqua needs to retain its downtown. Our community needs as many small
“Mom and Pop” stores as possible or our downtown will become a ghost town. We
really must try and support our local merchants so that they can be there for all of us.

A community needs to be a community, which includes options for all.


Joan M. Ripley, president, Second Story Bookshop
Dear Planning Board Members Anesi,  Blanc, Brownell, Carpenter and Droughton Matthews;

Thank you for taking the time to read this email regarding the Summit
Greenfield proposal.

As residents in the community for 22 years (we live in Lawrence Farms)
we’ve been part of this year or two process of protest regarding the
requests that Summit Greenfield is making regarding the Reader’s Digest site.

We are opposed to any change of zoning for this site.  Summit Greenfield
purchased this property with full awareness of the zoning laws.  If they
didn’t want to accept this,  they should not have gone forward with their

We disagree with their argument that a change of zoning will positively
benefit the town re: taxes.  Balance any small benefit with the burdens the
town will face to widen roads, place traffic signals, etc. to deal with an
already difficult traffic situation.  We do not have the infrastructure to
support this.

We’ve enjoyed living in this town and pay a huge school tax bill though our
children are grown.  We choose to do this for our quality of life. If this
proposal goes through, we’ll be forced to leave our home. We already have to
time our morning, midday and evening driving due to traffic congestion.

We cannot imagine why our town would support Summit Greenfield’s request.


Drs. Jill Schehr and Jeffrey Sacks

cc: NewCastleNOW.org

Chappaqua Crossing/Reader’s Digest property development

Dear Planning Board,

As a resident of Chappaqua for more than 20 years on Cowdin Circle, I have followed the Chappaqua Crossing/Readers Digest property issue closely.

I realize that as a planning board it is your responsibility to at least listen to the developer’s ideas and possible uses for the property. However, from every angle possible, we can’t possibly see how the developer’s proposals “help” our town and community. 

Whether it is high density residential or traffic, Chappaqua Crossing is an idea that will only hurt our community and the future of our children.
The property was purchased by Summit Greenfield with only one thing in mind and that was: profit. The property was zoned for business. Make them stay within the guidelines that were given to them when they purchased the property. If they truly feel that the property cannot optimize their dollar potential, then they have the option of selling the property. It is not, and should not be, the Planning Board’s responsibility to help them “make a buck”.

I know that you all will look out for our town’s interests just as you have in the past. Please reject any proposal to change the zoning any further.


Marc & Linda Harris

cc: NewCastleNOW.org