Pace’s Master Plan outreach proceeds apace with homework for committee and working groups

April 4, 2014

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Tiffany Zezula, Pace consultant to the Master Plan Steering Committee, gave her permission to publish her summary of an April 1 meeting with committee members.  It includes a timetable, homework and an action plan for Steering Committee members and the volunteers —“Working Group Members”—assisting them in the public outreach Zezula will conduct from April through June. Her email and the video of the meeting are below.  [Correction: When originally published, the text below was a reprint of another article; it has now been changed to Zezula’s text.]

Dear Master Plan Steering Committee Members and Working Group Members,

Thank you for your participation in last night’s meeting. I think we accomplished a lot and I’m looking forward to working with you all. For those that could not attend last night, please feel free to contact your Committee Chairperson or me to find out more. Attached is the agenda that we used. Below are our homework assignments with due dates:

•      After review and approval of the timeframe and schedule, Sabrina will update the [town] website by 4/7 with the full schedule including the public participation involvement components. This will be used and described at the beginning of every public session that we run. We will include the specific dates and locations of the public sessions once finalized and confirmed.

[Time table from town website]

•      Each Steering Committee Member and Working Group Member is tasked with sending Sabrina or bringing to the next meeting a list of organization names with an appropriate person’s contact information (email/phone) for Tiffany to contact to ask for their assistance in distributing our outreach flyer to their members electronically to help spread the word. If you have close connections with an individual member, please note this next to that organization/contact person. It is always better when someone they know is asking them versus having “Pace Land Use Law Center” asking. Please send this information to Sabrina by 4/11 so we can shoot to get the flyers electronically out the week of 4/14.

•      Each Steering Committee Member and Working Group Member is also tasked with bringing the names of 5-10 larger organizations (ie: PTA, Homeowners Associations, Chamber of Commerce) that might be key organizations in which either Tiffany, Sabrina, or another facilitator could contact and ask to attend one of their upcoming meetings to solicit the same input as to the larger public meetings. We do this because, again, not everyone involves themselves in community public meetings, therefore, we are able to go to “new” people at meetings that they already are attending.

•      Maud has been tasked with asking the PTA and Schools regarding distribution through their e-backpacks and the potential idea of physical backpack distribution. If physical distribution, please try and get a sense of the number of copies needed.

•      Potential dates for the public sessions are as followed: May 7, May 8, May 10, May 15, and May 17. We will choose four of these dates based on the location availability. Locations discussed are: Bells School/Grafflin, West Orchard, Mount Kisco Presbyterian Church, and either the Morman Church or the Amsterdam Town Park. Sabrina will be contacting each of these venues by 4/8 to see which dates they can host us. This means we should know final dates/locations by early next week.

•      Tiffany will create a flyer announcing the public workshops based on the comments given at the meeting. Tiffany will send along her draft to Sabrina and Rob by 4/4. Rob will have his design person put together the content and information visually by 4/9. Sabrina will send the Committee Members and Working Group Members this flyer for comments and suggestions. Please note that we have a tight turn around here so be prepared to review and offer suggestions quickly. Remember, this flyer needs to be neutral and not get into specifics! We are looking for the public to help shape our Master Plan document with goals and potential strategies.

•      Please hold April 22nd as the next meeting date. I invite all Master Plan Steering Committee members and Working Group Members to attend. We will be discussing and finalizing the format for the public sessions and will discuss facilitation skills and techniques. Pace Land Use Law Center staff will be facilitating all public sessions where and when available. In case we do need extra facilitators, it would be nice for all Steering Committee Members/Work Group Members to understand how it works.

•      Other items that will move forward in the coming weeks:

o     Survey content and ideas

o     Creation of Banner for key area of town that includes logo “What’s your New Castle?” with the web address to the Master Plan homepage.

o     Photo contest for inclusion in Master Plan (Tiffany will create a flyer for proof as well)

o     Newspaper article by Town regarding this effort

Tiffany Zezula
Deputy Director
Training and Public Engagement Specialist Adjunct Professor of Law Land Use Law Center [LULC Logo Leaf]  Pace University School of Law
78 North Broadway

New Castle Master Plan Steering Committee 4/1/14 from New Castle Media Center on Vimeo.


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