Reader’s Digest Scoping Ended

The Reader’s Digest property removed from its surroundings.
By Christine Yeres
February 1, 2008

The scoping sessions and comment period on the application of Summit Greenfield for rezoning of the Reader’s Digest Property—in order to build 278 residential units and rent office space to an unlimited number of commercial tenants—ended on Friday, January 25.  All three sessions are available on, as “on demand” video offerings.  Find the League of Women Voters scoping comments at The Town Board has until the end of February to fashion residents’ input into a coherent scoping document – a list of the possible impacts to New Castle of the redevelopment project Summit Greenfield is proposing. 

Last December, the town board cut short the scoping process at this point by rejecting the application outright.  Assuming the scoping process goes forward this time, the developer and its consultants can take the time they need with the scoping document (there is no deadline for this stage of the process) to respond to the environmental impact issues raised in it as well as propose ways in which they plan to mitigate those impacts. 

The scoping document will enumerate alternatives to the proposed plan that must be considered as well.  The developer will craft the scoping document into a “draft environmental impact statement” (DEIS), and return it to the town board for review by the board and public.  The town would then have 45 days in which to decide whether the DEIS has adequately addressed all the issues raised in scoping.  If the document is found unsatisfactory, the 45 day clock stops, and the town board asks the developer to address any inadequacies and resubmit the document. Once the DEIS is deemed complete, there will be opportunities for public comment on the proposal.

Yesterday, Town of New Castle Public Information Officer Lori Sachare expressed the board’s keen interest in continued communication with residents on Summit Greenfield’s proposal for redevelopment, even though the scoping comment period has ended.