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A Public Forum on Healthcare Reform at First Congregational Church

September 9, 2011

Haven’t had time to read the 2,000 pages of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?  It will change the way many Americans receive healthcare, as well as how some physicians and hospitals provide it. What will the new law mean for you and your family? Does it apply to those already covered by health insurance from their employers? What will change for seniors on Medicare? What do small business owners and the self-employed need to know? How will the new health insurance exchanges work?

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New Castle Opens Cooling Center at Chappaqua Library

July 22, 2011
by Lt. Daniel Cannon

Chappaqua Library has offered its building to serve as a cooling center for New Castle seniors and people who have special needs. The library is located at 195 South Greeley Avenue in Chappaqua. Seniors who would like to use the cooling center but do not have transportation may call New Castle Police at 914 238-4422 and the Police Department will assist you in getting to the library.

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Still room for rec department Adult Fitness Classes that begin June 27

June 17, 2011

There is still room in the following Adult Morning Summer Fitness Classes that begin the week of June 27and end the week of August 8.

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NEW: Teddy Bear Clinic at spanking-new Northern Westchester Hospital Emergency Department

March 18, 2011
by Martta Rose Kelly

Children ages three and up are invited to bring their favorite stuffed animal to Northern Westchester Hospital’s Teddy Bear Clinic on Saturday, March 19, from 9 a.m. until noon, at 400 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco.  NWH physicians and nurses will give these stuffed animals check-ups and will demonstrate casting, suturing, IV therapy, X-rays, and more.

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Are you 11-15 years old and looking for something to do this February break?

February 14, 2011
by Allison Calvert

How about getting certified in babysitting by the American Red Cross in Westchester County?

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Farmers Market—Shake off the snow with complimentary coffee & hot chocolate

January 21, 2011

Everyone knows the early bird gets the worm. That’s especially true at farmers markets where savvy shoppers know to arrive early for the best selection. That’s hard to do in the winter when there’s knee-deep snow in your driveway, but we have lots to coax you in from the cold at the Chappaqua Farmers Market.  In “Read more…” see our list of vendors for tomorrow, Saturday, January 22.

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Raising awareness of the disease that steals it

November 5, 2010
by Susan Carpenter

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, not something so much to celebrate as to remember.  Some of us who have cared for older loved ones who suffered from some form of dementia will remember them at a candle lighting ceremony at My Second Home in Mount Kisco on Friday, November 12, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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Essay: Dementia and Grace

October 22, 2010
by Lee Seham

The adjacent family library was teeming with dishdasha-clad Saudi warriors menacingly fingering drawn scimitars.  Understandably, my father felt a degree of apprehension.  I quietly assured him that it was just the curtains.

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Parks & Rec Adult Fitness Classes

Classes start Monday, September 27

September 24, 2010

New Castle Recreation and Parks Department’s adult fitness classes run in the former public library building, now the Community Center, in the heart of the downtown hamlet on Senter Street.  At a cost of around $9 a pop, these day and evening classes in ballet, tap, belly dancing, boxing, yoga and zumba are the best-kept secret in the physical fitness world.

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Get out and enjoy the weather on your bike while raising money for the Lung Cancer Alliance

July 2, 2010
by Judy Ward

Scenic Dutchess County, New York, will be the scene this weekend of the fourth annual Chappaqua-based bike-a-thon to support the Lung Cancer Alliance. Participants in the bike-a-thon, to be held on Sunday, July 4, will ride either a 15 or 30-mile course through rolling farmland one hour north of Chappaqua. Non-cyclists can opt to join the festivities just for lunch at 11:30 a.m.  Advance registration is required, and will be accepted through Saturday, July 3.  To view the flyer, click HERE

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Possible medical insurance options for New York residents

October 30, 2009
by Michael L. Frank

For those of you who have medical insurance and those who do not have coverage, one thing we all know is that premiums are very expensive. Whether you are an individual or part of an employer group plan, insurance coverage is not cheap. Group plan insurance averages more than $500.00 per month for single employees and more than $1,700.00 per month for family coverage. Medical plans for individuals (not part of an employer group plan) are higher in cost and provide fewer medical benefits than traditional employer (company) sponsored plans. As a result, we are seeing a growing population of uninsured people in our community. Job layoffs due to the economy have not helped the situation.

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Walk to fight brain tumors with Team Amy Crabtree

October 16, 2009
by Chrissy Crabtree

Dear Friends,

Once again we are gathering to walk in the annual “Have a Chance, Walk to Fight Brain Tumors” on Sunday, October 18. Our team, Team Amy, is walking in support of my mother, Amy Crabtree, who has been battling an aggressive, malignant brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme, for almost 19 months. Over these months, we have tried every kind of treatment from the standard of care to experimental treatments, to diet alteration and vitamin supplementation.

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Chappaqua schools are “calm and prepared” for swine flu threat

September 18, 2009
by Susie Pender

“We are calm and prepared,” Elizabeth O’Toole, the chair of nursing for the Chappaqua schools, reported reassuringly of the nursing offices at all six of the Chappaqua school buildings. “We are prepared to track [illnesses] and we are prepared to know.”

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Just the facts: Swine flu

September 11, 2009
by Dr. Stuart Beeber

Editor’s note: As a service to our readers, local pediatrician Dr. Stuart Beeber has sorted through all the information swirling in the media about swine flu and prepared a “Frequently Asked Questions” presentation for easy reference. Click here to download and print out a pdf version suitable for hanging on your refrigerator for peace of mind.

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Calming advice about swine flu

June 19, 2009
by Dr. Laurence Degelsmith

Several years back, we had an abundance of people flocking to the emergency department with mosquito bites and fevers. Everyone was panicking over the new disease West Nile virus. I’m not sure we actually ever saw a case of it at Northern Westchester Hospital, but there was a lot of concern from the general public.

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My journey from wide receiver to Warrior I

Throughout August, Sam Fuhrer will teach free yoga classes for Breathe at the Chappaqua Farmers Market.
August 5, 2011
by Sam Fuhrer

Up until my junior year at Greeley, my two biggest concerns in life were: How many times can I bench press 185 pounds, and how fast can I run the 40 yard dash. I identified as a wide receiver and was basing the colleges I was looking at on their football programs.  I was looking at mostly Division III schools like Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall and Muhlenberg, but also a couple Division I programs like UMass and Temple.

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Rainbows and raging storm waters at Croton Gorge Park

croton gorge
More photos in “Read more” and in Photo Gallery
Monday, March 14, 2011
by Christine Yeres

The very best time to visit the monumental New Croton Dam is after the kind of torrential rains we had last week, which take a long time to work themselves away. And with the sun last Saturday afternoon came several bonus rainbows hovering low in the spray rising from the crashing of the water over the jagged rocks and curved, stepped spillway. Not that those steps are visible right now—it’s all whitewater.

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Former Knicks Anthony Mason and John Stark offer support to pediatric brain tumor research

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
by Jocelyn Glantz

Sunday, March 13: Mark your calendars for a myriad of great reasons. Briarcliff Club Fit has generously donated its facilities for the 1st Annual Think Fit For Kids Family Fitness and Fun Festival to benefit A Children’s Brain Tumor Cure Foundation.

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Walk & talk? Walking & texting? Who’s sizing you up while you’re not paying attention

July 16, 2010
by Susie Pender

With twenty years of city living behind me before I moved to Chappaqua, I consider myself “street smart.” When I took a women’s self-defense class (too many years ago to admit to), the instructor touched on “awareness of your surroundings,” but the biggest distraction then was window-shopping.

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New Castle kids meet the Fire Chief, parents get life-saving info

Do you have a family meeting place in an emergency—a rock, a mailbox?

May 14, 2010
by Matt Peterson

Area children (motivated by a chance to try on a fire fighter’s turnout gear) and their parents (motivated to keep their neighbors from seeing their hair in curlers at 3:00 a.m.) gathered at the Chappaqua Public Library on Saturday, May 8 to learn fundamental fire safety tips from Chappaqua Fire Department Assistant Chief Russell Maitland. Chief Charlie Bergstrom, as well as a number of firefighters, were also in attendance.

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Shackle your way into Spring!

There’s still time to sign up!

More photos inside, or in Photo Gallery
April 30, 2010
by Shauna McManus

Everyone brings a mat and a pair of weights and Matt Marucci provides the “shackles”— rubber tubing we put on our feet as make make our way across the grassy plain.  This is a fun way to get into shape.  Classes for the first session have begun, but it is not too late to join us for the rest of this session or all of the next. Matt takes excellent care of the crew, which ranges from a 30-year-old marathon runner to a far more sedentary type.

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65 or older? Time to start exercising

April 9, 2010
by M. Carmela de Luna

If you’re starting to feel the effects of aging – stiff joints, fear of falling, low energy levels and general weakness – the last thing you want to do is be inactive. It’s the perfect time to start an exercise plan to increase your ability to participate in physical activities and improve your quality of life.  An exercise plan can also help you manage medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or arthritis.

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Op-ed: Speaker’s frank alcohol and drug abuse talk contains empowering message for parents

January 29, 2010
by Lisa Levinson

For the parents gathered in room K110 at Greeley on Tuesday, January 12 for a parent presentation co-hosted by Greeley’s Students Against Drunk Driving and Drugs (SADDD) and its student government, the fact that one isn’t seventeen forever is a given. But for many teens the challenges of the moment seem larger than life.

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Off-duty “save” by CVAC member at Club Fit

January 29, 2010
by Christine Yeres

On Monday, January 25, during a daylong torrential rain accompanied by high winds, Carey Vames’ house lost power around 2:00 p.m.  After waiting a half hour for the power to return, she decided to get on with her life. She dropped her son, Brett, at the library to study for mid-terms, took her dog, a whippet named Clif, to Gedney, then drove to Club Fit in Briarcliff Manor at around 4:00 p.m. to exercise. She completed a couple of cardio cycles and had moved on to lift weights when she heard a “Code Blue” announcement over the loudspeaker, “Client down in fitness!”

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Sea kayaking: There’s still time to get your feet wet

See slideshow inside and in Photo Gallery.
October 16, 2009
by Christine Yeres

I discovered just recently that there is another variety of kayaking than the kind that makes you feel like you’re tumbling in the wash cycle of a washing machine, and that it isn’t too difficult or too late (in the season or in life) to try it: sea kayaking. A friend recommended that I tag along with David Watson, 57, of Gadsden, Alabama, who has lived in New Castle since 1978, and came late to sea kayaking himself.

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Red Cross to offer babysitting camp in August

New CPR practice mannequins
July 10, 2009
by Allison Calvert

The American Red Cross in Westchester County has been at the forefront of helping communities prevent, prepare for and respond to large and small emergencies. Their new Summer Red Cross Babysitting Training Camp is designed to keep children and their babysitters safe. This innovative and content-rich course is designed to impart life skills to teens ages 11-15.

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Brook Farm Project CSA accepting memberships in Westchester County

Greeley graduate, Susan Mitchell, at Brook Farm; see more pics in Photo Gallery
June 12, 2009
by Susan Mitchell

Brook Farm Project is a Community Supported Agriculture, also known as CSA, farm located on Mohonk Mountain House property in New Paltz, N.Y. Never heard of a CSA? It is a great way to get the most fresh and delicious vegetables directly from the farm. The CSA model provides food to members from the community who join the farm as shareholders. Members pay a fee at the beginning of the season, which provides the farm with capital when it is most needed, and in exchange they receive a weekly distribution of seasonal vegetables.

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Crazy-coated animals party hearty in downtown Chappaqua

These two kids run the party in Nicolaysen’s empty storefront window.
May 29, 2009
by Christine Yeres

A little more than a year ago, My Second Home, the day care center for the elderly that shares handsome digs at Radio Circle with the tiny attendees of Mt. Kisco Child Care Center, received a grant from an anonymous donor to undertake an “Art Enhancement Program.” The funds permitted My Second Home to hire an artist to design an art project that the elders and the preschoolers could do together.

From the project, ten crazy-coated party animals and a pair of happy children were created out of chicken wire, exotic yarns and much human contact. The twelve figures – including a piano-playing pig and a cat that will never catch the bird he’s leaping for – are partying in downtown Chappaqua in the window of Erik Nicolaysen’s shop front on South Greeley Avenue, next to Pete’s EZ Sports and across from Citibank. The first floor space has been for rent since January.

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Fresh food, and food for thought

May 29,2009
by June Blanc

Local farmers will begin trucking their products to market this weekend. After the long winter, local farmers’ markets will re-open this Saturday in Pleasantville, Katonah-Lewisboro, Ossining and Pound Ridge. Stall after stall of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables, local cheese and dairy products, still-warm baked breads and muffins await discerning shoppers looking for nutritious, tasty food for their families. Farmers’ markets have become a Saturday adventure for many families, with children discovering and helping pick out fresh produce to take home and help cook.

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Virulent virus vitiates Greeley vitality

April 24, 2009
by Marci Garson

It was violent and it was swift and maintenance workers described the cleanup of a vicious stomach virus that careened its way through Horace Greeley High School this past week as horrendous.

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