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“Scare quotes” make “haunted” not-so-scary

Monday, October 28, 2013
by Adriana Miano

With the month of October advancing toward its spooky end, Halloween enthusiasts are flocking to pumpkin patches, costume shops, and a variety of “haunted” attractions. The ghosts, ghouls and zombies may be an illusion and haunted house attractions can be great for a scare – but did you know that there’s a “scare” in English punctuation (other than in suspecting that you might be using the wrong punctuation)?  It’s found in “scare quotes.”

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Letter to the Editor: Town Board needs a different approach to businesses in both our hamlets

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
by Rob Greenstein

The D’Agostino situation is frustrating for many residents.  We have the feeling that we’re watching the loss of Chappaqua’s only sizeable grocery store from the sidelines.  And we’re watching from the sidelines as a store moves in that doesn’t meet the needs of our community.

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Editorial: Will I put my name on this, and if not, why not?

UPDATE: With 36 comments as of 2/4/11
January 28, 2011
by Susie Pender, Editor, NewCastleNOW.org

In a perfect world, everyone would know all the facts all the time. Everyone with an opinion on a community issue would have the opportunity to speak at a Town Hall-type meeting. Somehow this Town Hall meeting would be moderated in a way that was fair to everyone.

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RERUN: Op-Ed: Where everybody knows your name

January 28, 2011
[Reprinted from June 2010]
by Olga Seham

I’ve been reading the on-line comments about the Greeley graduation speeches and some of those comments – especially the anonymous ones – strike me as a little bit ugly, kind of hot-tempered and snarky.

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Letter to the Editor: Town board should approve an all-commercial plan for Chappaqua Crossing

December 24, 2010
by Kevin J. Shaw

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Letter to the Editor: Deny the Chappaqua Crossing application

December 24, 2010
by Charles I. Poret

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Op-Ed: Process & thoughtfulness will make affordable housing that fits our town

December 24, 2010
by William R. Spade

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Letter to the Editor: Hunts Lane affordable housing plan too massive for site

Monday, December 13, 2010
With 21 comments in the last week
by William R. Spade

Dear Editor:

With regard to your article on the proposed Hunts Lane affordable housing project, while I am in full agreement that the town needs more affordable housing, from the rendering and description posted with this article, I believe that it would be a huge mistake for the town board to approve this building as presently conceived.

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Op-ed: Hybrid Withdrawal

Monday, December 6, 2010
by Ken Fuirst

Many people have experienced the enjoyment of purchasing a hybrid car.  But I think I am one of the few who have left the eco-friendly life style of driving a hybrid and returned to the standard gas-guzzling car.  And let me warn you, the adjustment is a lot harder leaving the hybrid world than it was joining it!

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Letter to the Editor: Common sense approach to Chappaqua Crossing zoning request

Monday, September 13, 2010
by Lee Seham

Dear Editor,

My dad had an abiding faith in the common sense of the American judiciary.  In approaching legal research, he once said to me:  “If it feels wrong, there’s probably a case that says it’s wrong.”

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Open letter to the community: Hello Chappaqua, . . . from one of your loyal merchants

September 3, 2010
by Cindy Lupica

This past weekend an interesting thing happened that I would like to share with all of you.  I own the gift store in town called Marmalade Gift + Home.  We have a sidewalk sign that simply states “Gift Store Open” with an arrow that points in one direction.

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Open letter to the community: Petition opposing residential zoning at Chappaqua Crossing

August 20, 2010
by Rob Greenstein

I was taken aback by town attorney Clinton Smith’s remarks in the Town Board meeting of August 10, 2010, regarding the town board’s authority in enforcing its existing zoning code.

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Op-Ed: Take residential out of the picture; allow more than four tenants at Chappaqua Crossing

August 6, 2010
by Lee Bowen

After reading Summit Greenfield’s latest submission to develop the former Digest property, the Town Board’s response and more than 200 comments from residents, I’d like to add the following thoughts before the town and school board work session, next Tuesday, August 10, at 7:00 p.m. at town hall.

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Op-ed: I love my dog

June 25, 2010
by Lee Seham

I love my dog.

Careful now.  Not your dog.  Not dogs in general.  I love my dog.

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Op-Ed—Greeley Spirit: “Put Some Clothes on!”

December 18, 2009
by Lee Seham

In this Great Recession, one of the best entertainment values going is a Greeley basketball game. And I’m not just saying that because it’s free. Nor am I saying it because my kids play basketball – they don’t.

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Op-Ed: How much do you know about the current schedule at Greeley?

May 1, 2009
by Katri Backman-Koster

When the new schedule was first proposed, I trusted that the administration knew what they were doing and that it was going to be a change for the better.

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Op-Ed: The new schedule at Greeley: Has it worked?

A student’s perspective
May 1, 2009
by Brandon Azoulai

At the start of this year, 45 minute “mod” classes were replaced by 60 to 80 minute long blocks, which met less frequently. Both teachers and students were apprehensive about the change and many were overtly opposed to the concept.

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Op-Ed: Spacewalks in Your Home?

April 24, 2009
by Mark Kramer

I suspect that many readers in New Castle are unaware of the fact that NASA has a dedicated television channel available for public viewing. It operates 24 hours a day and carries a wealth of fascinating material, including live coverage of space shuttle launches and landings, spacewalks and other events of interest.

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In Memoriam, James Pomerene (1920 – 2008)

February 6, 2009
by Bruce Gilchrist

Editor’s note: James Pomerene, born June 22, 1920 in Yonkers, New York, died December 7, 2008 in Chappaqua. Bruce Gilchrist, a former resident of Chappaqua, knew him well and has written this recollection in his memory. 

I will always remember Jim, who was one of my early mentors in the computer field. We were both in our thirties at the time; even then computers were a young person’s business.

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Op-Ed:  Requiem for The Big Rock

September 19, 2008
by Joan Corwin

Alas, our “big rock” will soon be gone, and so many memories with it.

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Op-Ed: Dangerous trees: Whose responsibility?

At the corner of King and St. Johns Place
September 5, 2008
by Bill McGovern

Dead, diseased or overgrown trees and limbs hanging over the road way seem to be everywhere.

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Musical Op-Ed: “Chappaqua Double-Crossing”

August 6, 2010
by Lee Seham

In “Read more…” find lyrics and chords to Seham’s composition.  To hear the tune, see the YouTube of Seham performing it, also in “Read more…”

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Op-Ed: Two birds with one stone

Practicing for Town Clean-up Day
April 19, 2010
by Bruce Cranston

It was early on a beautiful Saturday morning. I lay in bed thinking about all the things I might do today:  re-grout the tile in the laundry room; unclog the kids’ toilet; I could even clean out the guinea pig cage. 

Or I could just roll over and go back to sleep.

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Halloween: No Tricks – Just Treats

October 30, 2009
by Mark R. Banschick, M.D.

It is a special time of year. The senses are treated to brilliant colors, cool breezes and sweet smells.  It is autumn and the days are getting shorter.  The air no longer carries the heaviness of late summer; it is now crisp and light. On the best days, the sky is somehow cleaner – a beautiful endless blue. And after the past few weeks of unusual warmth, we feel the change even more strongly.

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Op-Ed: The community bears 100% of the risk in school enrollment calculation

October 9, 2009
by Gregg Bresner

My personal view as a resident of Chappaqua, not as a school board member nor on behalf of the Board of Education, is that I find the Chappaqua Crossing residential proposal deeply troubling. It is a very serious mistake to equate physical school capacity with the reality of school operating expenses.  If there are enrollment declines going forward, which may or may not happen, the Chappaqua School District has the ability to adjust its budget expenses accordingly to take into account any such enrollment declines and pass along any savings to the community in the form of reducing the tax burden or re-investing in our educational programs.

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Olga and the Aliens, A Valentine to My Wife
February 20, 2009
by Lee Seham

With grace and solicitude, the tall, slender, green-eyed woman served savory beef stew to the homeless men.

Wait a minute!  That’s no woman, that’s my wife!

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A Response to the Common Application

Look familiar?
November 28, 2008
by Rachel Turkel

Editor’s note: Rachel Turkel won third prize in the creative non-fiction category in the Chappaqua Library’s 2007 Young Writer’s Contest with this essay. We reprint it now as a humorous diversion for Greeley seniors plugging away at their college applications this Thanksgiving weekend.

Please choose from one of the following essays:

NOTE:  This essay is not required; the Common Application essay fulfills our writing requirement.  Your response will not weigh heavily in our admissions process, though you should keep in mind that we do not consider applicants who have not responded to one of these questions.

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Op-Ed: Homecoming fading away

October 31, 2008
by Jim Nottingham

Homecoming in the United States has a long tradition of being a community-wide weekend event where former residents and alumni are welcomed back around a central event that is usually a sporting contest, most commonly a football game.

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Op-ed: Stuck on the bridge; a plea for better communication

June 27, 2008
by Tom Kasulka

If all goes according to current plans, sometime soon you will drive across our historic Quaker St. Bridge and notice that the canopy of trees lining the gateway to our hamlet being marked for removal. Over the next few weeks you’ll then witness the gathering of cranes, bull dozers and back hoes as construction of a 265-foot-long great wall and new road commence where the trees and a grassy hill once stood.

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Op-Ed: PTA offers a big “thanks” during Teacher-Staff Appreciation Week

March 9, 2008
by Victoria Tipp

Ask most people why they moved to New Castle and they will tell you that it’s because of the schools and the quality of education their children will receive.

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Op-Ed: Paterson’s governorship seen as an opportunity for change in Albany

April 11, 2008
by Stephanie Grayson

In the wake of the sex scandal involving former governor Eliot Spitzer and the Emperor’s Club VIP, an upscale prostitution ring, attention has turned to his replacement, Governor David Paterson, who was sworn in on March 17. While many see this Albany upheaval as an opportunity for change, others wonder if it will only lead to more of the same.

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Op-Ed: MOMA’s “Design and the Elastic Mind,” a must-see exhibit

April 4, 2008
by John Ehrlich

The Chappaqua Neighbors Club headed to New York City last Friday March 28 to experience “Design and the Elastic Mind,” the Museum of Modern Art’s much-heralded exhibit celebrating “Techno-Art,” which focuses on the interaction between design, science, art and technology. This must-see exhibit displays every day objects as Warhol-like cultural artifacts; presentation graphics as art; and technology as a new form of artist palette for design.

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Op-Ed: Aren’t you the lady with the husband with two wives?

March 7, 2008
by Rosheen Taylor

Well, a funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago.

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Op-Ed..Community supported agriculture yields yummy produce

By Deborah Weiss
November 16, 2007

I love Wednesdays! On this day, from June through December, my neighbor and I make a weekly pilgrimage to our local community supported agriculture site to pick up our produce for the week.

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Op-Ed: Veterans Day should be every day

By Shelby Monroe
November 9, 2007

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Op-Ed…. Don’t Stand Idle

By Amy Barone
November 9, 2007

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Op-Ed…New schedule, new math

By George Benack
October 26, 2007
No one should expect that the implementation of a new schedule at Horace Greeley High School will come off without a hitch.

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Op-Ed …The Race Is Still On, but the Competitors Have Changed

By Abe Khan
October 26, 2007
Math and science skills must be nurtured in our children from an early age in order to make a real difference in our future.

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Op – Ed . . . . . . . . . How to make Family Court work more efficiently

By Judge Charles F. Devlin, Westchester Family Court

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