Winners of Greeley’s 5th Annual Spelling Bee; biggest winner—HG Scholarship Fund

November 14, 2014

The 5th Annual Spelling Bee on Monday, November 10th was a huge success thanks to all the sponsors, participants, and HGSF executives Emme Nagler (12), Eleanor Sadik-Khan (12), Owen Ruggiero (11) and Ellie Loigman (10). With help from their advisors Ms. Mullen and Mrs. Devane, their efforts raised $15,000 for the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund.

Also, a huge thanks to Andrew Corsilia, George Benack and Dev Jhaveri who served as this year’s “word pronouncers.” They fearlessly stood before 300 people, perfectly pronouncing words including aiguillette, senescence and syzygy. We also want to thank Michael Taylor and the fantastic DJ Club for helping with the sound and doing a great job with the music all night long.

And now for the winners…

Getting to the Championship Round is a combination of luck and skill.  This year, the Championship Round came down to a tie between two teams. Greeley English teachers Jacqueline Abair, Kathryn Ward and Lisa Mayer versus sophomore girls Meaghan Townsend, Stephie Shen and Kaylie Eiden.

The winning word was quokka; a stocky herbivorous marsupial of southwestern Australia that has a short tail. It turns out that Kaylie’s favorite animal is a quokka and she knew the spelling, allowing her team to take home the championship and grand prize Kindle Fires!

Best costume for the school round went to the “HMN scrabble tiles:” Henry Ault, Nicholas Ng and Margot Putnam.

A very special thanks to all our generous sponsors…

The Anand, Marano & O’Shea Families
The Berwin, Linden & Rosenberg Families
The Brandes, Carreras & Engel Families
Breeze Gifts
Bueti Brothers
The Burack, Divack & Litwak Families
Burack Investments
Carl J Lepere Heating and A/C
The Cavallo & Ruggiero Families
Chappaqua Paint and Hardware
The Cook Family
The Dorfman, Friedland & Herman Families
Flying Point Asset Management LLC
The Guerney Family
The Hellman, Krishnan & Mejjati Families
The Hiebert, Wei & Rauch Families
Houlihan Lawrence
The Hufferdine, Meyer & Young Families
Jack and Deborah Becker Charitable Foundation
The Jhaveri, Marano, & Snow Families
The Kishore, Kumar & Silverman Families
Korth and Shannahan
The Kurens, Groppa & Moskowitz Families
The Loigman Family
The Lee, Meyer & Young Families
Mt. Kisco Medical Group
The Nagler, Nankof & Wolfe Families
Old Stone Trattoria
The Parsons, Rosenberg & Wasserman Families
The Paz/Delman Family
Perlmutter Properties
Primary Wave Media
Rotary Club of Chappaqua
The Sadik-Khan Family
The Semler Family
Sheptin Tutoring
The Taylor Family
The Townsend Family
The Unger Family
Villarina’s Deli and Catering
Wilson Prep
Yonkers Eyes








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Congratulations to the fabulous 10th grade winners! It’s such a fun night and a great cause. Please consider a donation to the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund as part of your year-end giving. As a teacher, I’m happy to receive a notice saying a student has given a donation instead of buying me a gift.

By Helen Harrison on 11/17/2014 at 9:42 pm

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